You Can Easily Take Care Of The Bad Module Info Error With These Steps

Windows is one of the most used OS in the entire world. There are various benefits to it and that goes without saying. People must absolutely understand that recently there is one problem that many are facing when it comes to playing the Steam games on this OS. And this is definitely a major problem that needs to be thrown out.

The Bad_Module_Info error can absolutely destroy the fun of steam games and the problem was initiated with the fall creators update in the first place. In this error, the app crashes. It can be during the launch and it can also be during the game.

How to solve bad module info error

The games, like that of the CS: GO a, as well as the Player unknown’s Battlegrounds are deeply affected by the same. And this is one reason why the players must know the solution for the error.

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The Solution for Bad Module Info Error:

  • You will have to disable the full-screen optimization for this application:

With the fall creators update the full-screen optimization has become a part of windows and this is exactly where the problem has begun. You will have to make sure that you are disabling the same.

You will have to, right-click on the very EXE. It can also be the shortcut of the app. Then select the option of the ‘Properties’. Then you will have to make it to the Compatibility tab and press on the ‘Disable full-screen optimizations’. Then all you have to do is click on the very Apply option then all you have to do is restart your system. This will do the trick.

  • You will have to update the very available GPU Drivers:

If you are a user who has a Nvidia GPU, then you must remember that only disabling the very full-screen optimization is definitely not the only rather not at all an option for you. Might not be enough.

Updating the GPU driver can absolutely resolve the problem because maybe the problem happened because it wasn’t updated in the first place. You will have to open the Device Manager. Then you will have to right-click on the very GPU. Then you will have to ‘Update Driver’.

It will be better if you check with the updated version for yourself. These are the various ways how you can make sure that the Bad_Module_Info is removed completely.

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