What Is Hulu & How To Get One Month Free Hulu Subscription

As the public is demanding a new type of show to watch every day, a new type of story to keep them entertained while seating at home. The same way, online streaming platforms are increasing and trying to give the best content to their users. They are making things by analyzing the demands of the people and creating an easy to access platform for every age.

Online streaming sites have become a household thing now. Out of 100, 90 people use online streaming apps now to watch latest movies, short films while traveling and their work location.

What is Hulu?

Like Netflix, Youtube, Hotstar & Voot, Hulu is also a premium online streaming platform. But, Hulu is a bit different from the other streaming platforms. Hulu is an online video demand company owned by a joint venture of The Walt Disney, Comcast and 21 century Fox. Anyone can subscribe to Hulu and watch TV shows, movies, and short documentaries anytime.

How To Get One Month Free Hulu Subscription

How Does Hulu Works?

To access Hulu, you can simply go to www.hulu.com and choose whatever plans you like to go with. Hulu comes with a variety of options. Earlier, in the beginning, Hulu gave its user a free option to explore the TV shows, movies and the documentaries made by them which are only available at Hulu. But, now you can’t obtain their free service as they stopped this long time ago.

Still, Hulu gives new users a free month subscription to explore their platform and If you like, you can continue with them by paying a small monthly fee and If you don’t like you can cancel your subscription anytime. Hulu offers Hulu account with no commercial ads, Hulu account with limited ads, Hulu account to watch with Live TV much more by charging you $5.99/month to $39.99/month.

How To Get One Month Free Subscription From Hulu?

To get the one-month free subscription from Hulu, you have to follow the below steps.

  1. Go to www.hulu.com
  2. Click on start your free trial button.
  3. Choose any one plan from No Commercial, Limited Commercial and Hulu with Live TV and click on select option
  4. Click on continue with facebook if you want to save your time or else create an account with Hulu if you don’t want to share your Facebook account.
  5. Go to Add Billing Info Page
  6. Choose credit card option and fill your card details to get the one-month free subscription.

You have finished the procedure of getting one month free Hulu subscription. If you don’t want to continue with Hulu after one month, so don’t forget to cancel your subscription before the second-month start.

How To Get Hulu Subscription Without Credit Card?

If you don’t have a credit card and wants one month free Hulu account, you don’t have to worry. You can get free Hulu account without credit card also. For this, you have to follow the similar procedure mentioned above, but on the add billing info page, you have to choose PayPal option to get the account.

Connect your PayPal account with Hulu and enjoy one-month free service.

If you don’t want to share your credit card and PayPal information with Hulu, you can create an account by using virtual credit cards available on the internet and can get this service.

So, use the one-month free subscription of Hulu and explore the wide range of stories, movies from their library.

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