Use Google’s Smart Compose And Send Error-Free Mails

Like all of your friends, Google too can surprise you. Your friends bring you tangible gifts, while Google carries to you their latest and trendy feature, Google’s Smart Compose. You can call it a newbie to the Google family and a present that Google has gifted to all its users. Of course, it is for the benefit of the users. Think of how benevolent Google is!

You must be wondering that, of all adjectives, why has Google used the word ‘smart’ for its new feature. Well, to put it simply, this new feature is really smart. But in what way? Its smartness lies in the fact that it works like Google’s artificial intelligence. If you leave any sentence unfinished, it will finish it on your behalf.

This tool is an extended part of Google’s smart replies which puts forth three suggestions to users before beginning an email. There is another surprise for you, dear users. This feature of smart replies can now be installed and used on the desktop as well.

Use Google’s Smart Compose And Send Error-Free Mails

A test had been conducted to check how the Smart Compose program works. It was noticed that even though you do not finish some sentences like “what’s up?” or “where are you?” it will do the work for you. It also has the feature of adding contextual questions texts such as “have a good day” provided that you are sending off an email on Friday. Smart Compose will register that it is a Friday and the last working day of the week. Sometimes, it will magically guess some of the words that you want to use to wrap up and use them accurately.

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Requirements of Google Smart Compose:

In order to enable the brilliant feature of Google Smart Compose, you need three things. They are:

  • Allow the new Gmail UI
  • Enable Gmail to perform experiments
  • Give permission t smart compose

How to start the new Gmail design?

The new design of Gmail is spreading like a bonfire these days. And in order to use the Smart Compose, you need to get your Gmail account updated with this newest design. To get it, follow these steps:

  • Open Gmail in your browser. Click on the cog wheel icon on the right-hand top corner which is just below your profile picture.
  • A menu bar will list down. Click on the very first option that says ‘try the new Gmail’. This will bring forth the new Gmail’s design.

Easy, isn’t it? But there is still a sad news. Not all countries are featured with this option. Those you are fortunate enough, please do try it.

Steps to enable Gmail Smart Compose

  • First, open your Gmail account. Click on the cog wheel on the right side top corner below your profile picture.
  • Go to the settings option.
  • Under settings, click on the general tab. Scroll down on this tab and click on to the experimental access.
  • Next, on that same tab, search for the option of Smart Compose. If it is not enabled, enable it then and there.

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