Things You Should Check in SEO Agency Before Hiring

SEO is one of the most important factors for any website. From hotels to travel agents, technology builder to local service providers, everyone has a website for their services and to rank them on the first pages of Google they invest a huge amount in SEO and other marketing techniques. Nowadays it has become a hard job to get the website on the first page for the high target keyword or you can say the highly searched keyword. To do this, big companies invest in a good SEO agency or hire experts of SEO field in-house.

But do you know before hiring an SEO agency or an SEO expert, what things you should check? If not, so this article is for you.

Check Out Things You Should Check in SEO Agency Before Hiring Them –

Background Of The Agency – One should check in detail about the agency. Since how many months or years they are in this field. Apart from their foundation year or operating years, one should also check their clientele list to see whether they serve SEO service to any of your similar business or any of your competitor.

Background Of The Founders of SEO Agency – One should check the details about founders and management team members. How well versed they are with this field and what they have done prior to starting the agency, one should make a list of their performance overall.

Things You Should Check in SEO Agency Before Hiring

Review About The Agency – Everyone who wishes to hire an SEO, must check their client’s feedback and reviews on online commenting portals like mouth shut, Rediff etc. You can also see their reviews by asking questions in Quora and other forums if they are not available on other websites.

Project Case Studies – You should ask for case studies of their previous clients. You can check the marketing strategies for their previous work done. You should also ask about their marketing strategies for your project.

Results Of The Previous Work – One can ask for them a detailed google analytics report to see the increase in the number of visitors after they took the previous projects in hand. Ask them for a complete ink building links and the increase in conversion reports for eCommerce websites. You can also ask them before and after the report of a few of their project to analyze the work done by the agency.

Tools Used By Them – You should also ask them which tools they are using to make your website. Whether they are making responsive sites or not, you should check this clearly. Also, check which tools they are using to do keywords searches and analysis. How much is the cost you have to pay extra to get a result from other tools?

Blogging and Influencer Marketing Program – You should ask for their detailed blogging and Influencer Marketing plans. You should check which bloggers and Influencers are they are planning to tie up to promote your website and product. How many fans and followers they have. How much relevant their followers are for your business and not to forget the cost. You should clearly ask them the cost of each Influencer and bloggers. If you get all these details so you can analyze which bloggers and Influencers you should go ahead and which one you should avoid.

Meetings for Your Project – You should ask them how many times they will meet you in a month to explain the work progress and reports. How many members will be assigned for your project and how many people they need from your office to coordinate with. How you will monitor the meetings and agendas too.

Cost of Their Services – You should clearly ask them the cost to make the website and managing the site’s SEO. Apart from that, you should also ask them the payment plans like in discounts for long-term plans and payment after the services etc. if they are ok.

So all the above are the major things you should ask. Also, you can ask the similar types of questions to 3 to 4 agencies to check the difference in the answers. Based on their answers you can decide which agency is good for you and finalize the best one for your project.

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