Things to Look for When Buying a Monitor for Fortnite

Do you want to buy a top-notch gaming monitor that will make your Fortnite sessions enjoyable? There is no doubt that Fortnite is one of the most graphically stunning battle royale games that have been nominated for various notable rewards over the years. Despite being released in 2017, Fortnite has made its way into the gaming collection of millions of new-gen gamers in a short span of time and this tells us a lot about its growing popularity.

It can be seen that gaming is slowly emerging as a dominant leisure activity as there are plenty of people in the world who consider it their passion. People first spend money on a powerful processor and then pair it with a feature-rich graphics card to keep lag away and enable smooth gaming performance all day long. Similarly, investing in a gaming monitor is a matter of equal importance, especially if you are someone who values quality visuals and cannot bear low-resolution gaming.


Regardless of how straightforward and easy it seems, picking out the best gaming monitor for playing Fortnite requires a great amount of effort, time, and research simultaneously. However, you do not have to be bothered at all as we have created this monitor buying guide with the sole purpose to help you select the right monitor for your day-to-day gaming needs in as little time as possible. In this article, we will discuss all the important things you need to look for when buying a monitor for Fortnite so that you can make the correct choice without experiencing any hassle.

Things to Look for When Buying a Monitor for Fortnite

IPS vs TN Display

No two gaming monitors are the same as they boast different panel types and this is why they fall in different price categories. IPS and TN are the most commonly available panel types in the online gaming monitor market. While the viewing angles and color reproduction in TN panels is not up to the mark, they are relatively cheaper and people with a limited budget can afford them with ease.

On the other hand, IPS panels come with an expensive price tag and offer a better viewing experience than their TN counterparts. As far as the opinion of professional gamers is concerned, both IPS and TN panels have their pros and cons. Therefore, you need to make the final selection based on your gaming requirements and budget.

Choose Between Free sync and G-Sync

Thanks to technological advancements in the gaming industry, gaming monitors come equipped with either FreeSync or G-Sync technology. Take note that G-sync gaming monitors are priced higher than FreeSync monitors although both these display types are pretty identical. If your CPU is armed with a GPU from AMD, you have to take your pick from FreeSync monitors. Whereas if you have an NVIDIA graphics card in your system, you need a monitor with G-Sync technology.

Opt for the Right Screen Size

If you want to amp up your Fortnite experience, you must opt for the right screen size. No matter which gaming monitor you end up choosing, just make sure that the monitor’s screen size is between 21 to 30 inches as a monitor smaller than this will not be of any use. Moreover, the gaming monitor you pick must boast a high resolution or else your gaming experience would get spoiled.

Ideally, it should offer support for Full HD (1080P) resolution. But if you are willing to spend a fortune, you can also consider purchasing a 4K gaming monitor that delivers exceptional visual clarity. Last but not the least, see to it that you go for a gaming monitor with apt screen size and resolution in order to get the best bang for your buck.

Refresh Rate and Response Time

Since you require a monitor specifically for gaming purposes, you should not neglect this point at any cost. In simple words, refresh rate refers to the rate at which images are refreshed on your screen. Always remember that a monitor with a refresh rate less than 75 Hertz is not worth owning.

Whereas response time is basically the pace at which pixels change on your screen and it is responsible for facilitating visual clarity. While going for a gaming monitor with a 5ms response time would not be a bad choice, it is highly recommended that you should not settle for anything less than 3 milliseconds.

Examine the Monitor’s Build Quality

Another essential thing that you need to consider is the overall build quality of the monitor you have chosen. For this purpose, you can go through customer ratings on the web and read reviews to find out how durable a particular monitor is. Besides being built with supreme-quality components, the monitor must feature an attractive design that would complement your PC’s appearance.

Final Words

Having risen in popularity in a short span of time, Fortnite is now a massive favorite among the new generation of gamers who spend most of their time playing in an aim to become a high ranked player. It must be noted that purchasing a new-age monitor is the best way to enhance your gaming experience and derive fun from Fortnite sessions. Above all, a high-end gaming monitor can not only make Fortnite visuals seem pleasing to the eye but can also add a whole lot of style to your rig, thus giving you good value for your precious money.

But when it comes to picking the most efficient and advanced gaming monitor, you should take your time and consider all the best available options over the internet instead of arriving at the final decision without giving enough thought. Most importantly, ensure that you take into account the factors discussed above before making the purchase so as to avoid regretting later. Although we have thoroughly covered all the crucial points in this buying guide, feel free to get in touch with us in case you require additional help for getting your hands on the best monitor for Fortnite.

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