Things Apple Got Right and Check What They Are Missing

Apple is one of the leading brand names in the International Market. Each product of Apple Brand has its importance.  There are countless features and uniqueness of the Apple Designed Products and Devices. So many people have huge craze of Apply Company Products. Thus here we discuss six things about Apple that is useful or helpful for the users, but on the other hand, six things that are still missing and users are waiting for them.

Check Out Things Apple Got Right and Check What They Are Missing Here –

Right Features in Apple –

  1. Control Management Center: This is the best feature in Apple iOS 7. This feature is not available on Android. This section is giving you to access to toggle application like Bluetooth, WIFI and Airplane Mode. You can also adjust the volume of the device with the help of the sliders and screen brightness as well. You can even get so many short-cut applications through the control management feature like Clock, Flashlight, and Calculator.
  2. Block Contacts: Apple is launching the new feature in the iOS7, and that is blocked contacts. Now you can block the unwanted communications easily. There are two options for blocking unwanted calls. First in your contacts and second is your call log. You can also add the unknown number in your blacklist.
  3. Timestamps in Messages: this is the old function in iOS, but come with the new feature. The apple will provide the particular timestamps for example when a new message received or sent by the user or new conversation starting time.
  4. Different Icons: You can also change the Icons in the Apple Phone, through the application. Different Icons will give the impressive look of your phone. You can also understand the features and icons identification instantly.
  5. Multitasking Features: there are so many multitasking features added in the Apple I-Phone by the company. Now you can open so many apps and multitasking windows at once. Thus you can perform any action or activity at one place. If you are reading an eBook and want to open the video, then you can open both the windows at same time.
  6. Instantly Update Feature: Well, iOS has the feature of automatically updates apps and application. If your application is extended and wants the update, then the system of iOS will automatically update the app without informing you.

Six Things Apple Got Correct

Still Missing Features in Apple:

  1. Landscape orientation for all: Landscape Orientation is still missing in the iOs, and so many users are always waiting for this feature. Apple is one of the popular and trusted names, so users are always wanted the new feature on their devices.
  2. Different default apps: Some different apps are not useful for the users, but they are the default. Therefore they won’t be able to delete them.
  3. “Select All” option in e-mail app: Select All option in E-mail is still missing in Apple.
  4. Custom keyboards: Custom Keyboards in Apple Phones are the big issue for the users. They are not able to change their keyboard style, and this keyboard is one of the boring things for the users.
  5. Greater home screen widget control: This is one of the major limitations of iOS, such as custom keyboard problem Apple was not able to run the efficiency of having moved their home screen into a guarded space profile. The flexibility of home screen is not good.
  6. Can’t remove Apple Bloatware: You are not able to remove the Apple Bloatware. This is one of the big problems for the users. Well, you can not erase the Apple Bloatware instantly. There are also so many apps that are covering your storage are a waster, and you are not able to delete them.

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