Six Most Used Apps Worldwide By Millennial

In today’s trend, mobile apps have been the center of attraction with innovation for quite a few years now. With the latest and growing technologies, it’s very hard to stay relevant and competitive.

If businesses want to acquire good engagement from mobile, they need to develop their apps and offer a unique user experience. Given the present state of the digital world, several apps are being released every day on the play store and app store. These mobile apps are available on various platforms to download depending upon purposes such as business, communication, entertainment, education, games, and so on to make life easier and comfortable.

Unfortunately, most of these most downloaded apps fail, some of them fare mediocrely, and only a few of them stand out from the crowd by being unique and useful to the users. Outstanding apps are the ones who give a lot of competition that bring about a revolution. In this article, we going to discuss the most used apps worldwide.

Six Most Used Apps Worldwide By Millennial – Check Here


YouTube is counted as the world’s most popular and famous video platform, for the people, and by the people freely. It helps millions of creators around the world to earn money online by sharing their unique content with the target audience all over the world. It attracts billions of viewers to watch whatever they want to. Many YouTubers create quality and informative videos and live a good life by making money as a Freelancer today. They use various tools to create good videos and images for the videos.

Six Most Used Apps Worldwide By Millennial


WhatsApp is one of the most popular, frequently, and widely used chat applications that also supports communication between international phone networks including voice and video calls. It carries many chat features such as money transfer, voice calling, video calling, audio calling, chat message deletion, emojis, status, group chats, and more. Whatsapp is also one of the best alternative of Skype to make video calls worldwide.


It is the world’s most popular and frequently used social networking website and application. Facebook app is available for all kind of platforms such as android, iOS, BlackBerry and all other major mobile platforms. The app is used almost everywhere in the world and widely used for social and business communications.


The app helps the riders get a ride without having to wait much. By incorporating Google Maps into their apps, they show the user where the pick-up point is located, where the cab is located at the time of booking, and its estimated time of arrival (ETA).

The app service has made the payment mode very easy by including (apart from cash payment) payment gateways linked to the user’s credit or debit card and mobile wallets.


Netflix is a subscription-based video-on-demand app. It is the world’s foremost subscription service for users to watch movies and TV shows on your smartphone. This mobile app provides the best experience anytime anywhere. A majority of millennial find Netflix better than any other video-on-demand app, which provides a wide variety of movies, shows, and genres to choose from. It has defeated its forecasts of 3.2 million new subscribers and continues to grow.


Instagram gives people an easy way to connect with other people through images and videos, and by using the right kind of hashtags. It is recommended that you use hashtags as this increases your followers too. Instagram’s prominence has been developing relentlessly since it first appeared in 2010.

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