Instagram Reels – New Feature of Instagram To Create Content

Instagram Reels - What is It and How It works

We all know about Instagram and the benefits of having an account on it. Many of us are using Instagram to promote our services and products on it. But there are many who use Instagram as a medium to communicate with other, to follow the people they like and to spend time by seeing good content on it. In a short time, Instagram has reached to a millions of people and also gave the opportunity to make a living from it to people by creating good content such as videos and post. Recently, Instagram launched a new feature know as Instagram Reels to give you all an option to create short and good videos.

Check out What is Instagram Reels and How it works here –

If you want to create short funny videos and at the same time want to share with your friends, family or followers on Instagram so Instagram Reels is for you. You can record 15 second video on it using various editing and creative tools by Instagram and share on your feed. You can reach to large audience by becoming a good creator on Instagram Reels.

Instagram Reels - What is It and How It works

How Instagram Reels Works –

To be on it, you must have an account on Instagram. Once you open your account, you will be on your feed page.

Click on the Instagram Camera on top. After clicking on it, you can see the options like – Live, Story, Reels on the bottom of the App.

Click on option – Reels.

From here your work starts, You can record a 15 second multi-clip video here.

Instagram Reels has a large list of good songs to choose from its Music Library. Apart from this, you can add your own custom audio. It also gives you features like AR effects to add a fine touch to add your content.

You don’t have to hold phone on hand while recording because it comes with Timer and Countdown feature. You can keep phone on stand and create your own video.

You can create multiple videos and use the Align tool to make a synchronize video or keep the video in continuation. You can also create a slow motion video using speed up and slow options in video and audio.

Instagram Reels are good way to showcase your creativity in the form of video. You can record, create continuation video or upload any video of your from phone gallery.

Once you creates the Reels, you can further customize it as per your need and share with everyone. You can also post the Reels on Instagram stories. It will stay on stories for 24 hours.

Anytime if you want to deactivate the Reels option, you can go the setting and easily remove this.

If you are a public figure or someone with a good followers on Instagram, so Instagram Reels is a blessing for you to reach out to the people in the best way possible.

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