Internet Speed Test Sites – Check If You Are Facing Slow Internet Connection Issue

A fast internet speed is not only a demand from millennial but it is what everyone wants now. No matter you are a student or a CEO of a company, a good internet speed is what you want every time. Today in this digital world things are moving so fast that to keep pace with it we also have to be fast. And to be updated with whats going on in the world, we regularly check our news feeds, Facebook and Instagram.

Not only keeping yourself updated about the current situation but fast internet speed also necessary to finish our tasks on time. A fast internet speed will do your job in 10 minutes whereas a slow internet speed will take 20 or more minutes at the same time. What if you are expecting some urgent emails but your internet connection is slow? This time, you definitely avoid the slow internet speed providers.

Also, many times Internet service providers say that your speed is high but doesn’t provide you what you are paying for. In these cases, you can use few Internet Speed Test Sites and confirm whether you are getting a fast speed or whatever speed you have opted for or not. You can show the results to service providers and ask them for the refunds.

Check¬†Internet Speed Test Sites – Check If You Are Facing Slow Internet Connection Issue Here – – It is an internet speed checking site provided by Netflix. Because of its simple interface, more than 500 millions apps and sites were tests at by worldwide people and the numbers are only increasing. The site is also ad-free which is why people feel going and checking the speed here to avoid confusion between ads and actual details. They run a test as soon as you type in the browser and enter the search, you don’t have to fill anything in the website. On the main page, it gives you speed details and to know more about server provider, latency and uploaded details you can click on “Show More Info” Button.

Internet Speed Testing Sites

SpeedOf.Me – It is an HTML5 internet speed test site. You don’t need any special Java, Flash or any other tool to run this site on your computer. At SpeedOf.Me, you can check real-time browsing and download details accurately. You can also compare your all previous speed test with current ones as they give options to download the results in csv, png, and other forms. If you need all the details in one page, you can select print chart button and download complete data in one chart.

Speedtest By Ookla – is a website which is operated by Ookla. It gives you a flash free fast speed test results. It has huge bandwidth and gives you proper location details based on IP Address. You can download all results in graphic forms. You can also download the results in csv form. It also gives you an option to download the app and check the similar details in mobiles. To test your Internet speed, you don’t need to make an account here, you can simply go to the site and enter Go button to check your internet speed details. – offers free bandwidth and allows you to see your upload and download speed separately. You can also choose an automatic option here and check your Internet speed. It is one of the fastest and reliable sources to check the speed of the Internet. The website is easy to use and you don’t need any special plugin to check the speed. The site opens in all browser so if you are using Opera or any other advanced browser you can check the speed. Like SpeedOf.Me, this website uses HTML5 to run the test.

Apart from the above, you can also try AT&T, OpenSpeedTest, Meter, and to check the speed of your internet.

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