How You Can Stay Fit While Staying At Home

We all want to stay fit and stay healthy always. We go to the gym, do yoga and other exercises to keep the body at a balanced level. But this is the time when we have to leave everything and stay at home for our and others’ safety. Due to Corona Virus Pandemic, we are all sitting at home and most of our time is utilizing by doing house kinds of stuff, playing inhouse games, doing some creativity such as writing, cooking, etc. Apart from doing all these, you can still keep yourself healthy and fit by just doing 30 minutes of exercise in a day.

How You Can Stay Fit While Staying At Home - Yoga

To keep your mind in a peaceful situation, you can also do meditation in the morning and evening and feel good all day. If we start something and then stop for a longer period, then we don’t feel like doing it when we start again so to avoid this situation it is the best idea that you take out 30 minutes in a day for yourself and keep yourself Fit by doing following exercises.

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Squats – Squats are good when you want to reduce your lower body fat such as your thigh fat. Most of us in this lockdown period is just eating and sleeping and the effect of it you can see in your body structure. You can see the weight increase, tummy fat and thigh fat. It is a good idea to do at least 20-30 squats in a day to avoid the storage of fat in your thighs.

Jumping Jack – This exercise is a very high-intensity exercise and it helps to keep your body muscles fit. This is one of the best exercises one can do at home without any equipment. This exercise will help you to reduce the belly fat in a faster way.

Plank – Planks are good to keep your whole body in perfect shape. From head to toe, this exercise builds pressure in each part and benefits as well. You can start with 20-30 basic planks in a day and keep yourself refresh always.

How To Keep YourSelf Fit By Doing Planks At Home

Yoga – Yoga is not only an exercise for your body but it is also for your mind. When we do Yoga, we give relaxation to the whole body and understand the peace around us. You can start with basic yoga and start the advanced yoga training from a good yoga instructor once lockdown finish.

So by doing the above exercises, you can stay fit and healthy while staying at home. To get the details of the exercise, you can go to youtube and check the videos from professional trainers. Also, you can subscribe to healthy diet plans, good diet recipe videos to add better value to your body. A good exercise is good only when you balance both i.e. Food and Exercise. If you understand both and learn to keep a healthy diet with exercise, you will keep yourself healthy.

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