How Travel Bloggers Earn Money – A Quick View

Do you love traveling but don’t travel much because of routine office schedule and less money? Do you want to explore the new places and at the same time want to earn a good amount of money? If yes, so Travel Blogging is all that you can do and earn well. There are more than a thousand travel bloggers are their who earn more than a thousand dollars in a month and there are few who makes millions using their travel blog.

It is not necessary that to become a travel blogger you should have knowledge of worldwide places, you can start from your own city or your own country. You can do research about other travel bloggers and take inspiration. You can also check few travel bloggers blog and social media accounts to get an idea of how they work and which stream is good for you to go.

Now once you have decided to become a travel blogger so the next question arises is how to make money via your blogging. For this, you have to read the below tips and choose the one which you think you are good at and can earn well.

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Start A Travel Blog – Making a blog is not a rocket science. In fact, now with WordPress, you can easily create and customize the blog. If you love exploring places and can write about the places in a unique way so travel Blog is all you can start with. You can create a free blog in Blogspot or you can pay a minimum hosting price and create a blog in WordPress with your domain name.

To start a travel blog, you should buy a catchy travel related domain name, it will attract people towards your blog or you can use your personal name as well if you want to promote your blog with your name. Once you decided with your blog domain name, so you can host your website with any of the popular hosting providers such as Godaddy, Hostinger or BlueHost.

If you don’t want to invest in hosting in the start so you can host the blog at 000webhost – Free hosting service by Hostinger and later depend on the visitors and engagement on your website, you can shift your blog to paid ones.

You can check for a few free and paid travel WordPress themes and by uploading any one of them you can start your blog. You have to set a few things like appearance, plugin and post setting in WordPress to get better search results from Google. You can check the below articles for Blog setup in Blogspot and WordPress.

How To Create A Free Blog in BlogSpot

How To Make A Blog in WordPress

Once you have done up with all the settings so you can start writing the articles. You can write anything you want, just make sure you use a few travel-related keywords and write SEO optimized articles to rank well in Google. Once your blog is up and starts getting the traffic you can add Google Adsense and make money from your travel blog.

How Travel Bloggers Earn Money – A Quick View

Freelance Travel Blogger – You are interested in writing about your travel but at the same time don’t want to make yourself busy with your own blog. No issues, you can opt for Freelance Travel Blogging. You can create an account on popular freelance service related sites such as,, and create your gig to get the travel content writing-related project. By making an account and bidding on travel content projects, you can earn money from these sites.

Professional Travel Writer For Travel Sites – There are many companies like, Expedia, and MakeMyTrip who regularly search for people who can travel and write fresh content on their sites. They always look or good and professional writers who write about place and way to reach the place in their blog section. If you want to earn a good income and like to travel to various places at the same time but not at your expense so Professional writer for a Travel site is what you can do. You can travel to various places and write about the place, food and their culture on Travel sites to make money.

Professional Photography – Mostly travel bloggers are good photographers too. Whichever places they go, they click beautiful images which they use on their blog and social accounts. But, do you know you can make money by selling or putting them into stock images or royalty free image sites. Royalty Free Image Sites are the best way to make money as you only give right of use of the image and don’t sell them actually. In this way, you can use them on your blog as well as earn money from other sites.

Travel Influencer Marketing – If you are good at writing, clicking pictures and making some catchy lines so Travel Influencer Marketing is your way to earn money. You can male an account at Instagram and Facebook and promote yourself by adding cool travel pictures along with catchy status. You can increase the followers and fan base and then opt for Influencer Marketing program at sites which offers this service. You can promote hotels, travel accessories or any destination using your social media accounts and earn money.

So using the above ways few Travel Bloggers Earn Money and few earn money by making cool travel videos and uploading them to Youtube and other sites. If you know more ways so do comment on our comment box.

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