How to Share Your Live Location Via Facebook Or Whatsapp

Recently both Whatsapp and Facebook have launched a feature called live location by which one can share his current location with friends or family. This feature has been made available first in the messenger and later came in WhatsApp. It is available currently for Android and iOS users.

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What Is Live Location Sharing?

Location sharing was previously available on Whatsapp but that was static. What these new feature points to be is dynamic in nature. Here the location updates with the user’s location even when the app is not online. Thus one can keep sharing his location where ever he or she goes.

How Does Location Sharing Work?

Whenever a person tries to share his live location via the attach icon from Android or the plus icon from iOS, an additional dialogue box will come up with a duration for which the location will be active.

How to Share Your Live Location Via Facebook Or Whatsapp

One can choose from three options of 15 minutes or 1 hour or 8 hours. These durations have been provided on the basis of surveys that yielded how long people generally remain online for live location.

Besides this, one can stop sharing his location prior to the end of time whenever he or she feels like doing so. A new setting in the account privacy gives the notation of all groups or chats in which the live location has been shared.

Since it is a short-term usage thing, hence people should consider their battery statistics too. Researchers and developers have done enough to minimise battery usage, but somehow it also depends upon the user as for how long or how many times a day he shares his location, whether others are accessing his location.

Live Location on Facebook:

Facebook has launched the live location sharing feature prior to WhatsApp. After testing this feature, people have reported that live location is very helpful and it coordinates them with their friends or family when they are on their way to a meeting or appointment.

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Also, parents get to know about their child’s location if they ever need to travel alone or with the group of friends. This new feature is available both for iOS and Android platforms.

How To Share Live Location?

For Android users and iOS users, the location sharing feature works similarly just a few blocks different due to UI difference.

In iOS To Share A Location Following Steps Are Followed:

  • Tap the more icon to select the location
  • A map will appear with an option to share the location
  • The person or people with whom it has been shared will get the location which will be available for the next 1 hour.
  • There is a clock at one end showing how long the location is still visible.
  • One can manually stop sharing his location anytime.

The Steps For Android Users Are Here as Follows:

  • Tap the location icon or tap the more icons from which you can select Location.
  • A map will show up with the current location being marked up, and one can share it from here.
  • Simply like iOS, this will be available for the next 60minutes and one can manually stop sharing his location at any point in time.

In this way, live location sharing services have been launched in WhatsApp and Facebook messenger and one can have access to these quite easily.

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