How To Post On Instagram/Upload Photos From Laptop And Computer

We all mostly use Instagram in mobile as it is very comfortable to upload pictures from our gallery to the Instagram app and to check others story and pic whenever we want. But do you know people also use Instagram in PC and laptop to upload pictures and post? Mostly, those who are involved in marketing activities and people who use Adobe and other tools similar to photoshop to create images, use Instagram from PC.

People who also use DSLR camera when they on vacation and save all the pictures on PC, prefer uploading their vacation pictures on Instagram directly from the computer. They do this because the image file sizes of DSLR pics are very large and to convert them into the low size and transfer to mobile sometimes become a hectic work.

If you also want to upload your pictures on Instagram from your desktop and laptop and avoid the hassle of transferring pictures to mobile, read the below procedure.

How To Post On InstagramUpload Photos From Laptop And Computer

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Using Chrome Browser –

It is one of the easiest ways to upload photos from desktop to Instagram as it doesn’t require any special skills and you can upload pictures in few seconds. To upload photos using the Chrome browser, you need an updated version of chrome. Follow below procedure and upload the photos from PC to Instagram.

  • Open chrome browser
  • Type and log in using your credential.
  • Click do Right click and select Inspect.
  • You will get the all HTML coding page on right side.

How to upload photos on Intagram using Chrome browser

  • Click on toggle device toolbar. It will make your screen adapt to the mobile version.
  • Scroll down.
  • Click on camera option and upload photos from device to Instagram.

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Using Deskgram App –

Deskgram is another option to upload photos and post from PC, Mac, and laptop. Using Deskgram chrome extension, you can easily upload any picture to Instagram. It is a desktop version of Instagram and 100% safe to use your photos. You don’t have to install any software, it’s a simple drag and drop tool.

How to upload photos on Intagram using Deskgram App

To use Deskgram, follow the below steps –

  • Go to
  • Scroll down
  • Click on Deskgram extension for chrome
  • Click on Add Chrome.
  • Go back to Deskgram site.
  • Click on messaging API.
  • Download the file and do not delete after the installation.
  • Open the install file.
  • Click on install host.
  • Go to Deskgram website and do login using Instagram credential.
  • Click on the upload picture.
  • Upload photos from the device.
  • Click next and add a description.
  • Click on publish.

The above two are the best way to upload photos and post on Instagram from PC and laptop If you know any other software, tips, and tools to upload a picture, do share with us.

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