How To Make A WordPress Blog – Beginners Guide

Do you know creating a blog in WordPress is easier than creating a blog in any other CMS, Blogspot, and other platforms? WordPress is the one content management system which is used by more than 1 million bloggers and businesses today worldwide and looking at the improvement of the WordPress we can say the number of users is increasing day by day.

WordPress is the easiest CMS which anyone can learn in one days time. It also gives you the option to customize the blog the way you want. From setting the navigation menus to trying different themes for your blog, you can do any changes in WordPress in seconds. You don’t have to learn any HTML or special coding to use WordPress. To make any changes or to update any new functions, there are more than a hundred plugins are available in the WordPress.

For newbies, WordPress is the best platform if they want to start a blog or any eCommerce website because in WordPress you only have to do drag and drop and few updates of plugins. Before starting a blog in WordPress, you should check the basics of WordPress and things require when you host your blog in the WordPress.

Check Out Things That You Require To Make A WordPress Blog Here –

  1. A Domain Name
  2. A Hosting Provider
  3. A WordPress Theme
  4. Plugins

Domain Name – Domain is basically the name which you decide to buy for your blog and website. Domain name or URL is the official link of your brand name. For example- Google owns Bigrock owns – You can also choose the perfect name for your blog and can buy a domain name from Bigrock, Godaddy or any domain provider. While buying a domain, keep few things in mind like your target keywords and location of your audience. A domain name will cost you between $10 to $30 per year depending upon the extension you choose. If you are not getting ideas about which name you should finalize so you check for few names on name generator websites and finalize one domain for you.

How To Make A WordPress Blog

Hosting – Hosting is the place where you will keep your website. For hosting, you don’t have to search a lot. You can buy a shared hosting from Bluehost at the cheap price. Being an official WordPress Hosting Provider, Bluehost gives you an option to buy a free domain with Hosting. Apart from Bluehost, you can also check A2Hosting, Hostinger, and other local hosting providers and go ahead with the one which you find suitable for your budget. While buying hosting just keep few things in mind the space, server location, and validity of the hosting package.

WordPress Theme – In WordPress, you get themes for all types of websites and blogs. Whether you are planning to start a niche blog or any big eCommerce website, you will get more than 100 templates in each category to choose from. WordPress also has a huge collection of free themes so if you don’t have the budget to pay for paid themes, you can choose a free wordpress theme which is well optimized for SEO, responsive and with the great layout for your blog and website and start your work.

Plugins – Plugins are very important part of WordPress. In WordPress, to set SEO rules, to make the custom contact page, to put an email subscriber box in the sidebar, you will require different types of plugins. The most important plugins which you require are Yoast SEO, Contact Form 7, Akismet plugin. You can set everything with the plugins in WordPress. You can also upload social sharing plugins in your blog and make your blog popular on various social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Once you are done up with your checklist, you can start the process of making a blog in WordPress.

Step 1 – Buying A Domain

To buy a domain you can go to and create an account using Facebook login, your Gmail or any other email id. Once you are done with account set up and verification, Go to the main home page and put your decided domain on the search box to see whether it is available or not. If the name is available to buy the domain. To get discount on buying the domain name, you can check for Godaddy Coupons, Godaddy Promo Codes in Google and apply on the promo code section in the final checkout section.

Step 2 – Hosting The Domain

You can host the domain by yourself or you can also pass the work to your developer. If you are starting with WordPress Blog, so first install WordPress in your hosting account. once you are done with WordPress installation so in the next step you will be asked to provide your site name and URL. Here, you have to upload your chosen domain name. You have set your admin account name and password here for this particular domain. In the next screen, you will get your login URL i.e. –, username, and password.

Step 3 – WordPress Settings

Once you get the login details so there are few basic things which you have to set one time for your blog.

  • Go to Settings Tab on the left side.
  • Go to General tab under setting option.
  • Update your site name and tagline.
  • Upload timezone and membership set.
  • Go to Reading Setting tab and set whether you want a static page or latest articles in your home page.
  • Set the number of posts you want to show on each page
  • Go to Permalink setting and select the option in which way you want your URL to appear.

Step 4 – WordPress Theme

You can search for themes by putting your requirements in Google and checking the themes developed by professionals. If you want to start with a free theme so follow below steps.

  • Go to Appearance option on Left side.
  • Click on Themes.
  • Click on Add New.

You will get a page with Add Themes Options. If you have already downloaded any theme or you have purchased any paid theme so click on upload theme and upload the zip file and click on activate button to make the theme live.

If you want to go ahead with the free theme, so check the themes by clicking on options like Featured, Popular, Latest, Favorite etc. If you know the name of any free theme so you can put the name on the search box on the right side and upload from there.

Once you are done with your theme, go to next option i.e. Customization. Here you can customize your theme according to your choice.

Step 5 – Plugins

To set plugins in the WordPress blog, Go to plugins option on the left sidebar.

  • Click on Add new and select few important plugins like Yoast SEO, Contact Form 7 and JetPack Social Media plugins.
  • Activate each plugin and do the settings as per your choice.

Step  – Create A Blog Post

Now everything is done so just go to Post option.

  • Click on add new.
  • Start writing your articles.

By following all the above steps you can all start your blog and earn good money online.

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