How To Make A Call On Private Number Or Unknown Hidden Numbers

Nowadays with the increasing technology, tools and other online techniques people have become smarter and use different ways to hide their identity in front of the others. Not only fake accounts on social media platforms but people are also taking advantages of private calling on phone.

Making your phone number appears as private is not a difficult task, anyone can make phone number private on android, iOS or any other device and call to others. It makes sense if you are doing this on the professional level and doesn’t want people to call you, again and again, to disturb or If you are a VIP person who doesn’t want to share its contact details with marketing agencies and product suppliers.

But, there are people who use this facility to make someone uncomfortable or to disturb. They call them making their phone no. appear as private or unknown. If you are getting continuous calls from the private number or unknown number and you want to know who is the person behind it, you can easily find by trying the below methods.

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By Dialing *67 – This is the easiest way to find out who is calling you by using a private number facility. To identify your private caller, you have to dial *67 before getting any other call. It will automatically make a call to your last received call no matter whether it is a private number or not. If the person picks up the call so you can identify who is he or she by asking their name or by identifying their voice.

67 is usually accepted by all the service providers and valid in all the countries but if it’s not working with your phone so you can check code for your country or ask your service provider the unique code to track the private callers.

How To Make A Call On Private Number

By Using Unblock Private Number Service Provider – If you are unable to find the person who is calling you from a private number by using *67 methods so you can use the facility from Trapcall to find the number.

Trapcall is a tool specially created to identify the private number or you can say unknown numbers. Apart from numbers, you can see the name and registered address of the person using Trapcall. It also displays the photo of the caller if available. You can also block the number to avoid future calls from the number and also record the calls to keeps a track of the conversation.

You can download the Trapcall from Google Play Store and Apple Store as per your device system.

Few sim providers offer special sim card with facilities like unblocking private numbers, check unknown or block numbers if your service provider is offering you one of this facility so you can buy the special sim card and track your private callers. You can also use reverse call lookup sites to check the unknown numbers.

If you know any other good methods so do comment us in the below comment box an share with us. We are always looking for more techniques to solve our reader’s problems.

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