How To Improve Your Photography Skills – Learn Here

If you view yourself as a photographer or artist then you have to work hard to improve our skills and make yourself addicted to learning new things and then it seems we hit a wall. Sometimes you think we over complicate problems like this, searching for some magical trick that will give us the creative perspective we are looking for. If you are like them you know that usually doesn’t work. Instead, here is a collection of tips you can go out and try today to improve your photography and develop your creative eye. Pay no attention to the order, they are all completely random. Many people nowadays click good pictures from iPhone and they look very professional but again it requires learning. You Can also learn the photography skills and click good pictures for Instagram or any other social media accounts to display your work to friends, family and the whole world.

How To Improve Your Photography Skills – Learn Here

Take Your Camera Everywhere

Carrying a camera with yourself is a way to put your senses on high alert. It gives you a reason to look at the world as if your camera was always clicked or capture to your eye. It gives you a reason to slow down, to take everything in, no matter where you are.

Make a habit of carrying your camera with you everywhere for a certain amount of time. Take all kinds of pictures knowing full well that the world may never see them. Make a record and create photographs of everyday things, moments in time that normally wouldn’t require a photograph. The trick will be to see these subtle events in a new way and to find a way to make them interesting. Even if you just use your mobile camera, this tip is a solid way to improve your creative eyes to see the world differently.

How To Improve Your Photography Skills - Learn Here

Visit your Local Zoo

To count yourself as a photographer, the first thing you need to do is just visit your local zoo or sanctuary to make yourself comfortable and relax. There is no pressure and you don’t have a client that wants a certain type of image. You don’t feel the need to create a certain look or feel to the photos. It’s just you, my camera and hundreds of exotic animals at my fingertips. Zoos are cheap and most of them have one day a week where you can even get in for half price.

Stick with your Camera Setting

A good photographer is always stuck with his one camera setting whether it is automatic camera setting or a manual one and if you are a beginner and you are unfamiliar with your camera setting then change your setting according to your style and stick with your those setting until you are fully comfortable with it.

A Habit of using Tripod

We know amateurs don’t like carrying a tripod with them but a good photographer does. Very interesting things happen when you attach your camera to a tripod and everything becomes slowly. Usually, when you use a tripod, you really have to take the time to define your image in your mind to capture it on your camera with the help of your fingers, it happens because you cannot move the camera around freely and then you have to adjust the tripod to be level with the horizon. Adjustment of the image or object is done by moving the camera left-right-up-down manually. When the adjustment is done, just make yourself slow down and think about your image. Take 5-10 pictures of that object and look at it which pictures will come better.

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