How to Identify Battery Draining Apps in Your Phone?

Of course, Android phones have taken our lives to a different level. Its ecstatic features, brilliant camera quality, wonderful gaming facility, so much more has attracted the attention of the customers in no time. Another thing that makes android phones so popular these days is its cheap price. Oh, I forget to mention that besides just those big brands, Android phones have extended its branches everywhere. Many tiny brands too are manufacturing Android phones these days.

How to Identify Battery Draining Apps in Your Phone

Tell me honestly. Is everything good about android phones? To speak the truth, along with many advantages, Android phones have disadvantages too. One such problem condition of android phones is regarding its battery life.  The battery of almost every android phone is driving people crazy these days. With the plethora of apps, these days and its easy access just by your fingertips are making your phone fall short of battery. Most of the time, you do not even realize that your phone’s battery is decreasing at a rapid speed.

How to check which apps are draining the phone’s battery?

Well, this is a very easy process and can be checked by using your phone itself. Let’s get through the steps:

  • Click on to the menu option and then open the settings of your phone.
  • Scroll downs the settings menu list and search for the phones about. Once you get it, click on the about section.
  • Sometimes a single click does not open the about of the phone. For those phones whose about does not open with a click, long press on the ‘about’ option. It will open after 3-5 seconds.
  • As soon as the about menu list pops up, select the ‘battery use’ option. Below the ‘battery use’ option you will see a write up appear saying ‘what has been using the battery’. This is a clear indication of presenting to its users about how much battery is utilized by each app.
  • Now go down through the list and check which app is consuming the battery the most. The ‘display’ is likely to be the most battery consumed feature of all times.
  • If you notice that an app which you are not using presently is consuming a lot of battery, you can stop it right there. Select on that particular app. As soon as you do this, two options will appear, namely, force stop and report. Click on the force stop button. This will automatically, restrict the unnecessary battery usage on that app.

Identifying battery consumption:

Since the wake lock detectors do not always work, it is better to take some risk and track the running process of your mobile on your computer. You can use the UNIX system. First, link up your mobile to your computer with a USB cable. Then run the program command using ADB. You can also perform this process on your phone with the help of the terminal emulator.

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This programming language will show you all the running processes along with the amount of CPU utilized for each. There are two options that will run simultaneously – the ‘m’ option and the‘d’ option. The former will jot down 20 processes and the latter will depict the amount of time required for running the command. You are free to make the adjustment of these values as per your convenience.

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