How To Get A Free NetFlix Account And Free Subscription For Another Month

Online streaming sites are in full demand in all countries. Because of their curated short stories, amazing quality series and the best price point, they are becoming favorite to many and attracting lots of subscribers everyday. If you Google, so you can find more than 10 best online streaming sites to watch movies on internet today. All of them have their own advantages and disadvantages but there are few who have crossed all the boundaries and gained a loyal audience for their product and Netflix is one of them.

Netflix is one such online movie subscription service. It started in the United States and then expanded to India, Europe, South America and other countries. It is not a free service. To avail Netflix for free, you can make a free account and avail one month trial for free and if you find this good so you can decide on their paid services.

You may take up Netflix premium trial and enjoy the one-month full subscription. No matter where you belong to, you need to follow few steps to get free Netflix account. The popular and on-demand video streaming service offers a lot many cool features to the users. People are ready to spend any amount of money to enjoy amazing features.

How to Get NetFlix Account For Free

With the free NetFlix Account, you may stream online TV shows, movies, Hollywood Series and demand any of the shows at any time.

Check Out Few Simple Steps To Know How To Get A Free NetFlix Account Here.

Create An Email Account

Use Hotmail or Gmail account to create a new account. You will need this email address and password to access your NetFlix account when you have to cancel the subscription.

For Each Trial, Use Different Card Number

Whenever you need free NetFlix account or wish to access the services for free, you will need the details of a new credit card. If you want you can turn some portion of the cash into prepaid credit card from any supermarket or gas station. When you sign up for the trial account, enter your card details and just use the balance for online purchases. Before you avail any card online, read up the fine print.

Signing Up For Free Trial

Choose a reliable NetFlix website and click on ‘start’ icon. This will start your free month subscription. Choose your preference and just enter the information regarding email address or prepaid card.

If you also wish to access Netflix account from other devices, just enter the complete information. Select the device and enter the details. On each of the devices, you will have to download NetFlix app. It can be Blu-Ray player, Apple TV or Roku.

The Need To Cancel Your NetFlix Account

Before one month ends, you must cancel the NetFlix account. This will help you in avoiding the payment. To do this, follow the steps:

  • Log into your NetFlix Account
  • Click over the account and select ‘Your Account’
  • Select ‘Cancel DVD Plan’ and the account will be cancelled.

Even after cancellation, at times one can enjoy the free subscription.

How To Get The Free Subscription For Another Month?

If you wish to benefit from NetFlix free trial each month repeatedly, you may try different email address and card details. NetFlix will offer a free trial each time. But, keep in mind that NetFlix may automatically shut down the account which is fake.

Use Your Friend’s Netflix Account

As NetFlix is gaining so much popularity, it is not difficult to find someone who is already using NetFlix to watch the popular TV shows. You may share streaming portion online by accessing your friend’s account.

You may become a part time-tagger to enjoy NetFlix services for free. If you become a tagger and get recruited, you may spend days by watching shows on NetFlix.

Apart from Netflix, you can also try Hulu – Online Streaming Site to watch movies. You can get the free trial for Hulu for one month too.

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