How To Fix “Your Connection is Not Private” Issue On Chrome

Sometimes while browsing various sites, we come across few sites which doesn’t open on our computer or mobile phones and the reason we get is the error ” Your Connection is Not Private”. Because of which we don’t get to see the details of the websites or you can say we can’t access the website. Mostly we get this error due to SSL connection certificate issue. SSL is basically Secure Socket Layer which works as a protection link between the websites and browsing user online. Nowadays we are all search for things on the internet, we share emails, do online shopping, make websites and sell things. With the increasing demand for things, online the security is becoming a major issue for many users.

We all share many details between computers to computers and on various websites via the server. To protects our data such as banking passwords, credit card details and email logins to hack from the hackers we need some protection like SSL certificates and antivirus on our devices such as phone and computers.

How to fix your connection is not private issue in Google Chrome

Mostly the issue “your connection is not private” occurs to those who use local area connection or share Wi-Fi with others. If you are not using private connection so many websites don’t allow you to visit their pages and restrict your IP address to secure the site from getting hacked or secure data online. But, if you are not a hacker and wish to see the site as a normal person, you can follow the below method and fix your connection is not the private issue on chrome.

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Check The Date And Time On The Computer

The first solution is to see the date and time of the computer. Sometimes due to incorrect date and incorrect time, Google Chrome doesn’t verify the SSL certificate properly. So before trying any other method, first you should see the details of your computer and correct them if you have done the wrong settings.

Check Antivirus Software and Firewall

The next way is to check your settings in your Antivirus software. Many times it happens that your site is blocked by the antivirus software because it feels the site has the virus. In this situation, you can turn off the https scan feature. If you are unable to get this option so you can uninstall the software for sometime and check the website again. If the site starts working that means the issue is with your antivirus software.

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Ignore The Error And Proceed Anyway

The final option is to click on the button proceed anyway. This option we suggest only if you trust the website 100% and very sure that it will not harm to your PC and will not hack your any data.

If you don’t want to see this error in future, you can do some permanent setting in the properties of Google Chrome.

Follow below steps –

  • Right click on Google Chrome.
  • Click on properties
  • Click on Target Box
  • Select “ignore-certificates-error”
  • Click Apply
  • Click Ok to finish the process.

This process will make sure you don’t get any issue like your connection is not private forever.

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