How To Create A Free Blog in BlogSpot From Scratch – Guide For Newbie

Nowadays, Blogging has become a profession for many people. There are people who have quit their full time high paying jobs and started their own blogs from the scratch. Today many of them have reached a level where they are earning 10 times more than the job which they used to do earlier while working in the office. Not to forget they are enjoying the blogging too.

They started the blog with the passion of writing in their own niche which they understand. Many of them are having popular tech blogs and informational blogs now.

Check out few popular bloggers and their approximately monthly income data.

  1. Amit Agrawal – – Monthly Income appx. $64000
  2. Harsh Agrawal – – Monthly Income appx. – $32000
  3. Amit Bhawani – – Monthly Income appx. – $10000
  4. Imran Uddin – – Monthly Income appx. – $10000

Creating a blog is not a big task but to get traffic and to give time to the blogging is a huge task. If you are thinking to quit your job and start a blog for the full time, think twice. If you are very confident and have a good niche with you on which you are able to write unlimited so you should give blogging a try while working with your current job.

How to Create A Free Blog in Blogspot

In the initial stage, blogging requires 2 to 3 hours per day so that you get enough time to write good SEO optimize articles and do SEO properly. If you are an amateur blogger and want to learn to blog at a minimal cost so BlogSpot is the best platform for you to start. However, if you want your first blog to be your brand and decided to continue with this for the long term, you should start with WordPress only.

WordPress is always a better option to start a blog compared to blogger but to get a custom domain with WordPress, you have to take hosting package which will cost you around 5 to 6k yearly.

BlogSpot is a free platform provided by Google for those who don’t want to spend money on the starting but wants to learn the basics of blogging. Earlier getting a custom website in BlogSpot was close to impossible. But, now due to increasing numbers in blogs, Google has also changed few algorithms in their BlogSpot platform making it easier for the bloggers to get what exactly they want.

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Step 1 – Decide Your Niche (Keyword)

If you are serious about blogging means you have already chosen your niche to write. Niche is basically a topic which has a reasonable search. It’s important you choose the niche in which you have the knowledge and can write unlimited.

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Step 2 – Buy Domain From Trusted Domain Provider

As you have chosen your niche, it’s time to buy your domain. You have to choose your domain by keeping few things in mind i.e. keywords which you want to target, the extension of the domain according to the country where you want to promote your blog.

You can choose .in, .us, .uk depending on your niche market or else can go ahead with .com to get traffic from worldwide on your blog.

Most popular websites to buy domain –


Godaddy is the trusted name in the domain and hosting services and comes with easy setup. You can go to Godaddy and check whether your niche domain is available to buy or not.

  1. Bigrock.In

Similar to Godaddy, Bigrock is also a popular company in domain and website services.

Step 3 – Creating an Account in BlogSpot

To create an account in BlogSpot, you need a Gmail account. If you have existing Gmail account, you can use the login details and create a BlogSpot account for free. If you don’t have a Gmail account, first create a Gmail account and then use the data for BlogSpot.

Create A free Blog with Blogspot

Follow the below procedure to create an account in BlogSpot for free.

  • Go to and Click on Sign in Button.
  • Login using your Gmail id and Password.
  • After login, you will see a dashboard with creating a blog button.

Login Into Blogspot To Make A blog

  • Click on Create A Blog Button.
  • Add the title to your blog and domain with using your
  • Select the default theme and click on create a blog.
  • In the main dashboard, click on setting option.
  • Set up your Blog Title, A little bit about the blog in the description box.

Blog Titles And Blog Themes In Blogspot

  • Add tags (Keywords) in search Preferences Box.

Step 4- Custom Domain Set up and Settings

BlogSpot now gives you the facility to change ××× to your custom domain i.e. ×××.com. For this, follow steps to change your to your custom domain.

  • Click on Setting Button.
  • Click on Basic Button.

Set Up Custome Domain in Blogger

  • In Blog Address – Click on set up third party blog URL link.
  • Put your domain address in the blank box.
  • Click on Save.

How to Set Up Custome Domain in Blogspot

  • After you click on save, you will see Name, label And Host data. You have to set up this data in your domain provider DNS System.
  • After doing all the setup, click on save. You will get a blog with custom domain now.

If you have bought the domain from GoDaddy, Check How to Set Custom Domain with Godaddy for BlogSpot Blog.

If you have bought the domain from Bigrock, Check How to Set Custom Domain With Bigrock For BlogSpot Blog.

Step 5 – Choose a Responsive Theme and Change the Theme in Blogger

Blogger has its own designed themes but if you want to make your website attractive and responsive for mobile, you should opt for a theme developed by professionals.

You can choose free Blogger themes or you can go for paid responsive blogger themes. It’s completely your choice. If you want to make your website look like a WordPress website, choose a responsive WordPress style blogger theme for your blog.

To Change Theme in Blogger, Follow Steps –

  • Click on Theme Button.
  • Click on Backup/Restore Button.

How To Change Theme In Blogger

  • Click on Upload and Select your XML theme file to upload.
  • Click on Save Button.

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You can set all the sidebar and layout by clicking on layout button in Blogger.

Step 6 – Write Your First Post

Once all the settings are done. Go to the post and click on add new post. Write your first post and keep writing.

To understand which type of audience you are getting on your blog, you should add Google Analytic code in blogger.

Step 7 – Set Up Google Analytic in Blogger

To set analytic code in blogger, follow below-mentioned steps –

Set Up google Analytics in blogspot Blogger

  • Click On others button
  • Put your Google Analytics UA no. in the blank box next to Analytics Web Property ID.

Check – How To Create A Google Analytic Account And Understand The Audience Behaviour On The Website.

If your blog runs successfully and you get the high amount of traffic on daily basis, you can add Google Adsense and earn money from advertising.

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