How To Clear Up The Excessive Stuff In Your Android Smart Phone

It does not matter how much your android smartphone is offering you the internal space. There will be some point in time where your smartphone will show you that there is not enough space remaining. Android tablets and phones can easily be filled up while you will be downloading the applications, storing up the media like music and videos and storing information. The storing capacity of every android phones can be filled up quickly whether it has megabytes or, gigabytes of storage capacity. At the point of time, it will become very annoying that your smartphone will refuse to install any application due to a shortage of space.

Check Out Here How To Clear Up The Unwanted And Excessive Stuff In Your Smartphone.

Clear up the all cached data

If you go into your smart phone’s applications settings and click every individual application, you get a huge amount of cached data of almost a few kilobytes in it. These cached data is not anything but only the junk files which can be deleted from your smartphone to free up space.

How To Clear Up The Excessive Stuff In Your Android Smart Phone

To clear up the cached up data, you will have to follow few steps: –

  • Go to settings
  • Click on storage
  • Click on cached data
  • Tap on delete option

Clear your downloads folder

An Android device has a download folder which stores your downloaded files like photos, videos, music, etc. There are many unnecessary data which you have downloaded few months or years ago, which you don’t need at this point. So the unnecessary data needs to be removed from the storage files. Clearing the unwanted downloads will help you free up more space in your smartphones.

Few steps to be followed for deleting the unnecessary downloads: –

  • Go to my file
  • Select the files which you want to delete from your smartphone
  • After selecting, click on the delete option

Delete all your offline areas from Google maps

In the latest version of Google maps, you can download the maps which will help you to view the maps when your device is offline. If you are downloading the offline map, it consumes the storage at least up to one gigabyte or depending on the size of the map. It’s better to delete the offline map which you have numerous time. Go to the Google maps tap on the map and delete it.

Uninstall the unnecessary applications

In your smartphones, everyone has some few applications which you have installed for some purpose and never used that application after using once or twice. It is advisable to uninstall that kind of applications.

To uninstall the applications, you need to follow few steps: –

  • Go to Play store
  • Click on the three-line menu button in the top right corner
  • Click on the sort button
  • Choose an option of last used
  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen to see which applications are the least use
  • Tap that application and uninstall it

Depot the backed up photos

Once your photos are backed up by the Google photos, you can delete the photos from the local storage. To delete the photos from the local storage, you need to follow few steps: –

  • Open the photos application
  • Click the three-line menu button
  • Then click on the free up storage
  • The photos application will show you the photos you can delete.
  • Click on Ok to delete them

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