How To Boost Wi-Fi Speed – Learn Here in 5 Important Steps

A sluggish Wi-Fi is the last thing that today’s generation wants. If you are searching how to boost Wi-Fi Speed in simple way, you should read the article below.

Wi-Fi is the most important development in the recent years and We all get annoyed when the Wi-Fi speed slowed down. Wi-Fi is reliable, convenient and faster compared to LAN but sometimes bad reception may lead to slow the  speed.

Before jumping to the solutions to speed up the Wi-Fi, one should do the internet speed check to compare the results. In this way, you will understand the common problems of slow internet speed. You can ask your Internet service providers for high speed Wi-Fi plans with good connectivity and higher data.

Slow internet speed or Wi-Fi causes a lot of detrimental issues and hindrance while working online. It increase the level of frustration as well. To avoid all these issues, you may follow important steps to boost Wi-Fi speed.

How To Boost Wi-Fi Speed - In 5 Simple Steps

A Wi-Fi network actually refers to the computer network where the devices are connected to sends or receive information through the radio signals. Wi-Fi network is also termed as a wireless network which connects Laptop and other devices to the internet.

If you have a desktop computer, you can connect that to the wireless internet with adapter or router. The data transfer speed relies on the strength of radio signal that device receives through wireless router. To know more about how to boost Wi-Fi speed, you can follow below steps.

Steps to Boost Wi-Fi Speed

Change the Router Location

The signals of the Wi-Fi are limited and reach to a certain point. If you are using Wi-Fi on laptops in bedroom and the router is placed in the hall, you may face the slow speed issue. This happens because the signals are blocked or interrupted by the curtains, walls, furniture, metal objects or any obstruction placed in front of the routers.

It is best advised to place the router in the open area of the house or near to the place where you will seat and use your working device. Avoid keeping the routers in the corner and basement of the house for better speed.

Turn Off and Turn On Router

This is a very simple and effective solution to boost the Wi-Fi speed. Do it with the router and the device you are using. It will give time to system to clear the unnecessary data. If you do not know how to shut down the modem, router, take the help of your Internet service provider. It will clear the memory and start fresh.

Boost Wi-Fi Speed in Easy Way

Extend the Wi-Fi Signal Range

If you have placed the router at appropriate place but struggling with the slow speed, you can extend the signal range by using the wireless repeater. A wireless repeater is actually that device which takes the wireless signal and then sends that signal back with a renewed strength. It will stretch the network range and you can easily to your work with fast internet speed anywhere in the house. To boost Wi-Fi speed, place the repeater between the computer, laptop and router.

Powerline extenders, Wi-Fi boosters will give you better or full coverage in all areas of the house.

Update The Driver Software For The Adapter

This is an important step you need to consider. The driver software of the wireless adapter needs to be updated. This may be done by following the below step:

Click ‘Start’ and right click ‘computer’. Then click ‘Manage’- ‘Device Manager’ and Double Click ‘Network Adapters’. Just right-click on ‘Wireless Adapter’ – ‘properties’ – ‘Driver’ —‘Update Driver. By doing so, you will be easily updating the driver.

Configuring Wireless Adapter Setting

It is easy to configure wireless adapter setting. Follow the step below:

Click on ‘Start’ and then right click over ‘Computer’. Click ‘Manage’— ‘Device Manager’ and double click ‘Network adapters’. Right-click ‘Wireless Adapter’— ‘Properties’—‘Advanced Tab’ – ‘Transmit power’  and just change drop down value to the ‘Highest’. Choose the option ‘Roaming Aggressiveness’. You may change the mode to ‘Highest’.

Other tips for boosting Wi-Fi speed –

  • Upgrade for better Wi-Fi plans.
  • Find out which is the right wireless channel.
  • Make sure other appliances are not interfering with Wi-Fi speed.
  • Do away with Wi-Fi thieves by enhancing the level of security.
  • Replace your old router and modem.

By following the steps mentioned in the above section, you can easily boost Wi-Fi speed.

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