How To Block Email In Gmail – Two Different Ways Tested

If you are looking out for free email services so Gmail is the first one which comes in the mind of everyone. Gmail has all the features as we get in paid email marketing services. If you make an account in Gmail so on various websites you don’t need a login account, you can directly make an account by signing with Gmail login and save your time. To send bulk emails and for official purpose, Gmail offers a service called G-Suite. Using G-suite, you can make an email id with your own domain name. You can make as many as email ids you want with your domain and send bulk emailers too.

How To Block Email Ids In Gmail Using Computer and Phone

But what if you get unwanted spam emails and tired of deleting every time. This time you need a facility like a block email id. Earlier it was not possible in Gmail but now you can block an email address in Gmail easily like other email tools. You can Block email ids in Gmail using the below two ways.

Method 1 – Check How To Block Email Ids In Gmail Using Computer.

To block spam email id or any email address which is disturbing you, you can follow below steps and block easily.

  • Go to
  • Use your login details to do the login
  • Open the mail from the id you want to block.
  • Beside “Reply” option you can see more three vertical dots on the right-hand side. Click on dots to see the options.
  • In the options – Click Block “username” Option. (username is basically the name of the person you want to block).

How To Block Email Ids In Gmail Using Computer

  • When you click on the block option. You will get one pop up box and click block option on the box.
  • By using the above all steps you can successfully block the email id from which you don’t want to receive further emails.

Check Out How To Block Email Id in Gmail Using Filter Option.

Follow the below steps to block email id using Filter messages options.

  • Open the email received from the sender whose Id you want to block.
  • Click on three vertical dots next to Reply option.
  • Click on Filter message from the options.

How To Block Email Ids In Gmail Using FIlter Message Option

  • When you click on Filter message option, you will see the email id in From section.
  • Click on Create Filter.
  • Click on Delete it Option.
  • Click on “Also apply the filter to the number matching conversation” Option.
  • Click on “Create Filter” Button.

By following the above steps you can delete all the previous emails received from the same email id.

Method 2 – Check Out How To Block Email Address Using Android Phone.

To block any email address in Gmail using the phone, go through the steps below.

  • Open your Phone.
  • Go to the Gmail App.
  • Open the email received from the person whose Id you want to block.
  • Click on the three vertical dots beside the Reply option.
  • Click on Block Username option.

This is all. When you click on the block option. The address will get a block immediately.

If you want to unblock the id, repeat the whole procedure until the step – click three vertical dots to see the option.

In the options, you will see “unblock”. Click on the unblock to allow receiving emails from email id.

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