Delete Your Youtube History In A Simple Way

We all use YouTube. Sometimes to watch a video related to any tutorial, to learn new dishes, to see movie clips and just to listen to your popular music video. But, do you know whenever you see the video it gets stored in your history. And apart from you if anyone takes your phone to see something on YouTube so they can easily check what you saw on YouTube previously.

This is not good especially if you don’t want people to know what you watch on YouTube and want to keep the things privately. To solve this issue, it is a good thing that you always clear your history on YouTube after watching anything.

Many people think this is very hard to do and time-consuming activity or they need any third-party tool to do this. But the fact is it is a few seconds’ jobs and you can do it on your own. So, we are sharing the easiest way to delete history from YouTube here. Follow the steps and clear history data from YouTube in one go.

Check Here – How To Delete Your Youtube History In A Simple Way –

Before starting the procedure, we want to inform you that Youtube stores two types of history data. One is watched history and another is search history. Sometimes we delete watch history but don’t delete search history. It is because of the assumptions many times that we have deleted watch history means we deleted everything. But, this is incorrect. If you don’t delete your search history so people can see in your search history the details you were searching for. So make sure If you want to delete the history data, you delete both the history details.

How To Delete Watch History Details in YouTube (Desktop Version)

If you have seen something on YouTube on your desktop (PC and Laptop) so to delete the watch history, you can follow the below procedure.

  • Go To –
  • Click On History Button from the Left Menu Bar.

How To Delete YouTube History on Desktop

Once you will click to the History button, it will divert you to the inner pages. If you are logged in at YouTube, so it will show your watched details here or else thee last videos watched details here. Here in the right sidebar, you can see the Watch History.

Step 1 - How to Delete Watch and Search History On YouTube Desktop

  • Click on Watch History Button. You will get the below pop up box.
  • Just click on delete and it will delete your watch history details completely.

Step 2 - Delete YouTube Watch History Completely

How To Delete Search History Details in YouTube (Desktop Version)

To delete the search history details, you have to follow the same steps.

  • Go to
  • Click on the History button in Left Sidebar.

It will take you to the inner pages, here instead of choosing Watch History,

  • Click on the Search History option.
  • Click on the Pop-up box.
  • Click on Clear Search History and you are done.

Step 3 - Delete YouTube Search History Completely

How To Pause History Storage on YouTube.

If you want to save your watched and searched history details on youtube but at the same time, you want to watch something but don’t want the particular day data to store. This time you can use the Youtube Pause History option.

To do this, follow the below procedure. 

  • Go to
  • Click on the History button.
  • Click on the Pause History button on the inner page.

See the image below.

Step 4 - How to Pause Youtube History Store In Desktop For Sometime

So by following all the above steps, you can easily delete all your watched and searched history details. If you want to delete a particular video only so in the search and watch history section, you can click on the ” X “ button on the right top of the video and delete the video successfully.

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