Changing The Chat Background On Whatsapp Is Very Easy- Know How!

Whatsapp is one of the most popular and best apps that people can lay their hands on. There is completely no doubt in the fact that this app can provide people with the best means of communicating with each other no matter wherever they are.

The background of the chat threads though has the same image by default. But this background has a practical design nevertheless. Unfortunately, the monotonous background can turn out to be boring at some point in time.

Also, this same background can lead to miscommunication and people may reply to someone else other than the one for whom it is meant. And this is only one reason why you must consider changing the background of the same.


How To change Chat Background On Whatsapp. Very Easy Steps

Yes, the background of the Whatsapp chat threads can be changed and personalized for the very best reasons. The best part about it is that you will not have to take an additional help from a 3rd party app or tool. This particular feature will be present in the app for itself.

There are already few pre-installed images and themes that you can apply for yourself. When you have an iOS or an android then, of course, the various images from your gallery can work. But when it comes to the Windows OS then you can apply a solid colour for the same.

Check out here how to change the chat background on Whatsapp.

The Chat Background:

If you are planning to have a custom image then downloads the same and save it as well. Then you will have to open the Whatsapp and then tap on the settings. When it comes to the settings then you will have to click on the chat option.

Then you will come across the option of Wallpaper and you will have to click on the same. there will be three options available to you name the Wallpaper Library, the Solid Colors as well as the Photos.

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The Whatsapp library is a set of wallpapers from Whatsapp and then there is the solid colours that are the various colours and photos are to select from the images on your phone. You will have to select the most appropriate source for yourself. And then you will have to select the image you want. You can simply press on the reset wallpaper option to reset the same.

This particular wallpaper that you have opted to change will definitely help you get standard wallpaper for all the chat threads. It is very unfortunate that you may not be able to cherish individual pictures of individual people.

And this is one of the most important reasons why the people can get through with one unique wallpaper for all. The reason for this is pretty simple. If the option for this is provided, then the space taken by the Whatsapp wallpapers will be much. And this can affect the efficiency as well as the work of the people. Also one must remember that in case they have a desktop version of the Wallpaper in their Windows, then most definitely they will not get an update of the wallpaper there.

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