Beginners Guide To Google Docs – A Quick View

If you’re a beginner or just getting started with Google Docs or someone who spends much of the day working inside Google Docs, this guide will help you learn everything you need to — from basic editing and formatting options to securing your data, everything is available inside the Google Docs. Its unique features and more add-ons can be overwhelming.

Google Docs is one of the most overwhelming word processing app which is made by Google. It is a free, web-based, and allow you to do everything a typical word processing app should: create documents, edit text, add pictures, and more. It is alternative to Microsoft Word. Below are some tips to help you to guide about Google Doc which is a powerful alternative to Microsoft Word.

Beginners Guide To Google Docs – A Quick View – Check Here –

  1. Create, Name Untitled Doc, Saving A Document

To create a Google document in Google Docs, simply click on the + on your Google Docs homepage. When you create a document, it will be named as Untitled Document by default, to rename, and change the name of the existing doc. You can simply do:

  • First of all click the name at the top of the file.
  • Type a new name.
  • Press enter.

Google Docs also has an Auto-save feature, which makes your work hustle free avoid the stress and effort of manually saving your work.

  1. Text Formatting

By using Google Docs toolbar, you can change the text color, the font style and even assign specific font style for particular sections of the text. Also, Google Docs provides editing options like paragraph spacing and alignment.

Beginners Guide To Google Docs

  1. Creating A Table Or Lines

On your Google Docs click where ever you want to create a table. Click Insert on the menu bar and select Table or create a Table. You can choose with page numbers. In case you want to delete the table, right-click and select Delete.

  1. Inserting Images

Choose Image from the Insert tab and select the following option from where you want to upload it – Upload it, Take a snapshot, your computer or laptop, Google Drive and Search on the web. Make sure that the image you select must be less than 50 MB and should be one of the following file formats – .gif, .jpg or .png.

  1. Translating Docs

Select Tools from the menu bar of Google docs and choose translate document. Enter a name for the new translated documented and select a language of your choice, a translated copy of your document will open in a new window.

If the language you selected has non-Latin characters, then click the best match from the options or draw characters in a panel in the bottom right of the screen and click the best match from the options. These are often used to translate documents for languages like Hindi and Mandarin.

  1. Publishing Docs On The Web

On the Menu Bar of Google Doc’s, click File and select Publish to the web that will publish the entire document on the internet, however, files containing spreadsheet or presentation formats might have more publishing requirements. Share the file by sending in the URL or embed it on your website.

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