Basic Things You Should Not Forget On Your Instagram Account

Instagram is on such social media platform which is getting millions of users now. From celebrity to school kids, everyone is having Instagram Account and doing things which they like. Many of us use Instagram just to see the activities of our friends and people whom we follow but few are there who use Instagram to make them popular or you can say an Online Instagram Influencer.

Becoming an Influencer is a great way to show your talent and obviously make the good amount of money by promoting products which you use or like. Instagram Influencers, those who have millions of followers on their account must have worked hard to reach the Goal and done everything with proper plans and strategies. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do this now. If you want to become an Instagram Influencer so identify the best thing in you and focus to achieve your goal by making an account on Instagram today.

Making an account on Instagram is an easy step but what to do and what not is a crucial decision which one has to think and act accordingly. For that, you can see our below list of things which will definitely help you in long run.

Check Out Basic Things You Should Not Forget On Your Instagram Account –

Instagram Handle – the Instagram handle is not a simple username like any email account or social media account. It’s your display name on Instagram. People will identify and search you by this name. Your username is also your official Instagram URL, so make sure you use some eye-catching name if you are not a popular celebrity. Your Instagram username will be displayed in the URL like –

Basic Things You Should Not Forget On Your Instagram Account

Instagram Bio – You don’t get a display page to write a long story about yourself or your brand on Instagram, you only get certain word limits to post an info about you on Instagram. So make sure, you choose the right words for your Instagram Bio. Words which clearly describe you, your passion or services which you are promoting on Instagram. You can add short keywords or short synonymous with your services words.

Instagram Link – Instagram only allows you to add one link in Bio. If you have blog or Website so you can add a link in your bio. Don’t add a simple link instead make the use of the are and upload a link with a tracking code. You can go to or TinyURL and make a link to your blog or website. If you add a tracking link so you can easily identify traffic coming from Instagram to your website and blog.

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Instagram Business Account/ Personal Account – You can choose the account type based on your requirements. If you are promoting yourself or you can say making you as an Online Influencer so you should switch to the business account. When you switch to the business account you get a chance to see Instagram Insights, your accounts analytics, various options to create ads and promote yourself. If you only want to grow followers and not interested in knowing the details so you can stick to the personal account. If you are promoting any services or products so you should stick to business account only.

Instagram Notifications – We all usually avoid notification option in our social media accounts but if you want to increase your followers list so make sure to keep your Instagram Notification on. This will help you to see instant comments and other updates from your fans. You can engage with them easily if you keep notification function on.

Apart from the above basic things, you can also check the Instagram Image and story upload options to make sure that you always engage with your followers and update them about your new things.

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