5 Ways You Can Make Money From Your Instagram Account

Are you on Instagram and having more than 1k followers? Also, the followers are engaging with your post and images?

If yes, then there is a good way to make money from your Instagram account. From food bloggers to master chefs, from an in-house stylist to big fashion houses, everyone is utilizing the power of Instagram in their own way.

Companies are hiring influencers to make the product popular among the followers and Influencers are making money by promoting the products to the right people.

If you are the one has got a strong presence on Instagram and has lots of active followers so you are on your way to make millions.

Things To Check Before You Ask Start Marketing Your Instagram Account-

  • Find out about which thing you are good.
  • Make yourself an expert in the field.
  • Make your hobby as your passion to achieve something
  • Try and test different things and check which is working well
  • Keep your information and post clean
  • Engage with your followers
  • Identify which post is performing well
  • Keep your value appropriate

Ways to Make Money on Instagram Account–

There is more than one way to earn money from Instagram and you can opt for any based on your product niche and audience style. Check few options below to analyze which way you should go.

5 Ways to make money on Instagram account

Affiliate Marketing –

If you are thinking of doing affiliate marketing on your Instagram account, so there are few sites where you can register yourself and make a good living by suggesting stuff to your followers. When followers buy kinds of stuff by clicking on your given link, you can earn the commission on that product.

If you have more than 100k followers and they trust you, engage with you so there are changes that they buy kinds of stuff what you suggest or review. In this way, if 10% of your followers buy things so you can imagine the amount of commission in your pocket.

Places Where You Can register Your Instagram Account to Attract Advertisers.


And More Individual Niche sites like Hotel chains, fashion Brands, wedding Sites etc. You have to search them individually and register yourself to become the affiliate.

Sponsored Post

Sponsored posts are basically paid post for Instagram, Blogs, and Facebook. In Sponsored Post, companies search for relevant Influencers, bloggers, vloggers on various social channels and pay them the certain amount to publish a review about their product. A review can be an image with the caption, Instastory, A Video or anything.

The price per post depends on various factors like the total no. of followers, engagement rate, how often you post, traffic source and many.

There are few sites which offer you to list your Instagram account and contact advertisers for the sponsored post.

Places Where You Can Register Yourself to Get Sponsored Post on Instagram.

  • IZEA

Sell Your Products

Are you good at designs, cooking, making stuff on your own? If yes, so you can use the Instagram to sell your stuff. You can make an online store on Instagram and sell your products directly to your audience.

You can demonstrate about the product via videos and images and can sell them on Instagram.

Sell Photography and Designs

If you are a good photographer so you can attract lots of followers by uploading your work on Instagram. Also, you can sell the images or let them use somebody on the royalty basis on various sites like Shutterstock, Depositphotos, Gettyimages etc.

If you are good at art, vectors and t-shirt designs so you can upload your work on sites like Teespring, Printful and share the links on your Instagram to sell them to your audiences.

Sell Instagram Account

You have amazing followers on your Instagram but don’t know how to use or not interested in doing affiliate? So you can sell your Instagram account and earn good money too. There are few sites which allow you to share your Instagram details and sell them Online.

Check Few Sites which allows Selling Instagram Accounts Online –


If you have any other way to earn money on Instagram do comment on our comment section below the article.

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