5 Ways To Choose Right Keywords For Your Website

We all want our website on the first page of the Google with the keywords relevant for our business but don’t know how to get them up and how to find the relevant and useful keywords.

To do the proper search engine optimization of the website, we have to find the most useful keywords for our website or you can say keywords which are actually going to generate the profit for the business. Not all high searched keywords with high competition generate the good result, it all depends on the customer’s search queries and their requirements.

So to choose the right keywords for your website, you have to find the detail need of your visitors. You have to think like your customers and understand what actually they will search if they need your product or your services.

Check out the below steps to choose the right keywords for your website.

1. Understand the keywords-

What are keywords? They are just a few important words which people think and search in Google to find their answers. They can be a product name, a how-to question, a long tail word or anything related to any service or a person. In your business, you have to identify this and choose the words accordingly. You can make a list of the important point about your business special features or unique selling point and then check the search results for each term.

In this way, you can find a huge keyword list relevant to your business then form the long tail keywords accordingly.

5 Ways To Choose Right Keywords For Your Website

2. Spy on Your Competition

I am only suggesting to spy and not to copy the keywords which your competition is using. When you spy on your competitor’s keyword, you get an idea of important words which you can check and add relevant for your business. You can see which keywords are generating maximum traffic for your competitor’s website by using a few paid tools.

You can also check for which keywords your competitor is ahead of you and ranking well in Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

You can spy on your competitor’s website to see how many times they are using the single keyword on other pages and where they are using long tail keywords.

You can use tools like SimilarWeb and Semrush to spy on your competitors.

3. Using Tools To Find Best Keywords

As said above, it’s not necessary that all high searched keywords are good for your business. You have to see for the keywords which have less traffic but are relevant too. You can check the CTR, Impressions and location search data for low volume keywords and target those people who are searching using those keywords. In this way, you will get less traffic but relevant traffic and it increases the chances of higher conversions. You have to tap the untapped keywords or you can say unpopular keywords, you can include them in your long tail keyword list to optimize the website.

Few Tools To Find Best Keywords For Your Business –

  • Semrush
  • Keywordtool.io
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Ahrefs

4. Location Based Keywords

If you are into physical business and have a website for your business so you can include location details in your keyword and attract people to your website via location-based search queries.
Example of this is like you have one shop or a hotel in Mumbai so you can create long tail keywords like Hotels in Mumbai India, Hotel in Mumbai Maharashtra etc to target the people.

5. By Analyzing Initial Webmaster Data

You can add Google analytic code and webmaster code to your website when you start making the website and update all content. Based on your content, you will get few search queries on your analytic and webmaster account. You can analyze those keywords, click through rates, conversion and impressions data of those keywords and make your keyword list for each page.

You can form long tail keywords based on the search queries.

By following the above steps, you can choose the right keywords for your website in no time.

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