5 Things You Should Never Google To Avoid Yourself In Trouble

Google has everything you want to know. From recipes to communication, gmail to hangout it has offered us easy ways to get the things done. Or you can say via google search we almost get all the answers of questions coming up on our mind. But is it safe to search everything on Google and proceed with the answers? Sometimes the answer is a Big No.

Google is one of the excellent medium if you want to find the root cause of anything, you can search about jobs, educations, movies, songs, exams, shopping, reviews and many more on Google and get the information for free. This information is very useful if you take them as basic and go for advanced search via experts in the fields. But for few things we suggest you to not to go on google or never google and here is why.

5 Things You Should Never Google To Avoid Yourself In Trouble – Check Here

Relationship – People have tendency to find about their life partner according to zodiac signs or sun signs. They try to find the qualities in their partner which they read on Google or any other websites and sometimes get disappoint due to lack of qualities matching. This is the main cause of break ups of relationship or an unhealthy relation. To avoid this it is a best advice to never google about relationship status based on zodiac signs because everyone has some quality or some deficiency as well.

Health Issues – Remember Google is not a Doctor, you can get details of few disease or issues related to skin, hair or any symptoms which you feel is causing trouble to you but it is best advised to go to the doctor physically and get the check up done. Do not assume diseases best on the symptoms details you get while searching on Google. Many times, people have found diseases which actually they don’t feel they have symptoms. So do not google about your health conditions on Google.

5 Things You Should Never Google To Avoid Yourself In Trouble

Porn – It is actually banned on various countries and you can be jailed if you found searching about it online. It is a curiosity for a virgin or someone who have never done sex, to understand it but we suggest you to never google about it online. The main reason is you don’t get the proper details and end up getting the horrible stuffs online. If you need the details about it better speak to someone experienced or elder in the family who understand you and your need.

Diet Plans – Many of us search everyday things like how to get slim, how to reduce weight by vegan diet, ketto diet charts and many more to become beautiful but are they really working on? Everyone has different body type and eating habits and sometimes its just not the eating habits which makes your weight increase. So it is good to visit a professional health daughter or dietitian to get a healthy diet chart for you according to your body type and need.

Pirated Movies Download – It is an offence to upload or download a pirated movie copy and one can go to jail if he or she found doing this. If you want to watch any movie, it is better to go to theater and watch original one or wait for the movie to come on TV channels.

So above are 5 things which we believe you should never Google. If you know other things which you feel that one should not search on Google so do comment in our comment box below.

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