5 Best Tools You Should Know When You Are Into Content Marketing

Are you planning to get yourself into content marketing? Are you the one who is searching for the right tools to get the details to market your product via content marketing? If yes, so you should read this article till the end.

Content marketing is a new form to get your products viral or to create a buzz online by promoting a product or service with the help of blogs, videos, social post etc. In content marketing, you don’t promote products directly but you create a story and promote them indirectly.

To do content marketing, you need the strong knowledge of content writing, blogging, video marketing, and many other things. If you don’t have knowledge of all these you can hire a content marketing agency for your work but I suggest you should still know the basics of it as it will save you from making losses.

Have A Look At 5 Best Tools You Should Know When You Are Into Content Marketing Here –

1) Buzzsumo – Buzzsumo is a great platform to find the most shared content shared across all social media channels like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Youtube in all niche. You can put any topic or keywords related to your services and can check the exact social shares on this website. You can also check your page’s performance and compare with your competitors. This is a good tool to keep a track on competitors online activity like their latest post, keywords used by them and your topic related keywords mention anytime.

Buzzsumo is also a great place to find Influencers in your niche. You can put keywords and identify the top performing Influencer to promote your content online. You can check the content insights and download all the reports from Buzzsumo.

Buzzsumo’s basic plan starts at $79/month. If you are a new user so you can try their one-month free trial and decide whether you want to continue or not based on your experience.

Tools To Do Content Marketing

2) SEMRush – It is a good tool to check the high performing keywords and backlinks for any websites. This tool gives all organic search detail. You can check yours as well as competitors website ranking detail using this tool. This tool is also good to get an idea about the keywords search and the cost per click of each keyword. When you are planning to work on content marketing, keyword search report is the first thing you will have to keep in mind to reach more audiences online.

SEMRush also gives you the option to see keyword search results in all countries and website performance level in each country. You can check the keyword search individually for each country and choose your target country as peer the search result.

3) Grammarly – If you want to avoid embarrassing situations such as grammar mistakes, incorrect sentences, punctuation mark mistakes in your articles and the content prepared by you for social sharing, so Grammarly is what you should try.

Grammarly is an online proofreading tool which corrects all your spelling and grammar mistakes in the content and also suggests different sentences and words by analyzing the topics and the content. It is also good to check plagiarism content and overuse of passive voice. Grammarly comes with free and paid both versions. In the free version, you have limited options and it will not correct all the content. It will do part and show you pending suggestions in right side whereas the premium version has all the features. If you go for the premium version of Grammarly so you don’t have to check your content again for grammar and other mistakes. Grammarly paid version starts at $29.95 per month. You can try the one-month free plan and decide whether you want to go ahead with premium or not.

4) Trello – Trello is your online team management dashboard. It is also a good project management tool which keeps all the data at one place and gives an easy access to view and manage it online. Trello operates on Cards module. In Trello, to assign a task to someone you will have to create a card and have to add the members to the account. Once you create a card so in the card you can attach images, videos, content anything whichever you want to start the work.

Trello is a good tool to use in content marketing because it in one dashboard you can see all your social media post, competitors content watch and check your content upload frequency in one place. Like Grammarly, Trello also has both free and paid versions.

5) Quora Quora is also useful to check what questions people are actually asking similar to your services and to check the answers from people for the same. This gives you a brief idea to make your content more relevant and to cover all the answers which actually people want to know.  It is a great place to interact with people and understand what questions they have in mind regarding your services or similar to your products.

One can also identify the trending discussions and prepare the content accordingly to promote their content. Quora doesn’t require any special knowledge to start with. Anyone can make an account in Quora and ask the questions to get clear ideas to prepare the content.

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