5 Best Sites to Submit Your Content And Earn Money

Are you a good writer? Are you passionate about writing stories and articles? Do you like writing when you are free and away from the busy life? If the answer is yes, so you should also know that you can make a good money from your this skill. There are more than 100 sites are available on the internet where you can use your content writing skill and make a living as well.

A good writer is also a good thinker because to write something on paper, first, you have to think about the topic in your mind and have to phrase the sentences and stories.  A good writer does a detailed search on the topic and writes in depth so that people understand the topic and the message behind it clearly.

Many people write for newspapers, magazines, TV shows, news content etc. and make money but do you know you can write for online websites and make money too by sitting at home or during your free time. Today, here we are sharing a few websites where you can submit your content and earn money.

Have A Look At 5 Best Sites To Submit Your Content And Make Money Here –

Contentmart – Contentmart is a digital platform which connects writers to advertisers and big companies. Here you can find more than 100 writers. You can create an account here and upload your sample work. You can set an amount per word or per article. Contentmart takes 20% commission from your income. To earn money from Contentmart, you have to bid on the orders posted by companies, bloggers, and other people those who are looking for articles.

Contentmart ranks writers based on the metrics like good reviews from the advertiser, maximum order received and submitted on time details etc. So to earn money from Contentmart, upload your best work sample and try to get as many as orders you can.

5 Best Sites to Submit Your Content And Earn Money

Fiverr – Fiverr is a Freelance Service Marketplace where you can make an account for all your services. To earn money from your content at Fiverr, you have to create gigs for your services and have to set a fixed amount for the gigs. Make sure to add content writing, article writing and writing keywords in your profile. At Fiverr, you can charge $5 per gig for your work and receive the money. For each $5, Fiverr takes the commission of $1 from the publishers.

Upwork – Like Fiverr, up work is also an online marketplace to submit all your services which includes content writing. But, do get your account approved at Upwork is a hard task. To get an approved account you have to write a detailed and unique description of your services and have to highlight the major points of your skill.

Freelancer – Freelancer is a very popular platform worldwide. Here you can get projects by bidding on them. Like all other sites, you have to make an account here and submit your details. You can add your skills here and reach the target advertisers. On Freelancer, you can display your social accounts, websites and blogs to showcase your work.

Pay Per Post – Pay per post is the best platform for content curators as it connects all writers to advertisers directly and its very simple to use. All the writers are called as posties here. You can start an account here for free and later if find good to upgrade to their paid plans.

Above are the best sites to earn money from your content easily. If you know more sites so do comment in our comment section.

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