5 Best Sites To Get Royalty Free Images For Your Blogs

People say images speak a thousand words and yes it is true when it comes to marketing or promoting something online. Because online, images and content plays the important role for any business be it a fashion company, a blog, a food chain, a hotel or any other.

Many companies hire professional photographers to click pictures of the product, food, places etc but what If you are a start-up or an individual having a limited budget to market yourself?

How will you get the images of your choice for free or without spending a high cost? Do you have any idea? But we have. You can check for Royalty Free Images Online.

What is Royalty Free Images?

Royalty Free Images are basically stock images. Clicked by professionals and put online on various image selling sites on the only license fee basis. To use these images, you have to pay one –time license fee on the website and then you can use them in whichever way you want.  Few times you get these images for free too but with some conditions.  In Royalty Free Images, the original photographer has all the copyrights of the images, but when you opt for the license so you can use them on for your channels. You get the permission to use the image but you can’t transfer them to anyone else.

5 Best Places To Get Royalty Free Images For Your Blog

Where Will You Get Best Royalty Free Images?

With the increase of various photography tools, artist and stock images selling sites nowadays it has become very easy to get a royalty-free image of your choice. You can find multiple agencies in one city selling royalty free images online and offline.

To Find The Best Royalty Images, You Can Check the Below 5 Good Sites.

DepositPhotos – Started by Dmitry Sergeev in 2009, Depositphotos is royalty free stock photography agency situated in Florida USA. The Agency has millions of high-quality stock images, vectors, illustrations and videos at affordable prices.

Shutterstock – Started by Jon Oringer, a programmer, and photographer by heart, Shutterstock is a subscription-based stock images agency. Shutterstock has millions of images from various photographers across the world.  Apart from images, they have editorial content, audio, and video which you can obtain by subscribing to their services.

iStock – iStock was previously known as iStockphotos is owned by Gettyimages has high-quality images on budget prices. Like Shutterstock, they do operate on the subscription model but you can also buy images here on demand with credits.

Adobe Stock – Like all other stock images agency, here on Adobe Stock, you will find high-quality images. They have multiple subscription plans and you can also opt for one-month free trial.

Unsplash – Unsplash is one of best photography website having more than 70k contributors and getting 5 billion views per months. From places to food, artist to students, you can get all types of images here.

Apart from the above 5, there are few more website who sell stock images like Pexels, Pixabay. So check them and do comment in the comment section about them.

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