5 Best Places To Make Money With Your Design

Are you a graphic designer, fashion designer, artist, illustrator or anyone who has got good designing skills? Are you the one using your skill and making money offline and often ask questions like can I make money from design online? Can I sell my designs online? If you are thinking about this so the answer to your question is yes. Yes, there are so many sites which allow you to put your designs online and earn quite a lot.

You can sell your designs or can give them on the royalty basis. You can also print your designs on things like T-shirts, Mugs, and Books and sell them on various sites to earn money.

Check Out 5 Best Places To Make Money With Your Design Here –

Creative Market – Creative Market is a place for all designers. You can sell your fonts, graphics, themes and even photos here. To sell your design at Creative Market you need to have an account.

To open an account here needs to invite from Creative Market or you can check their partner page to contact them from your side. Once you got the account you can open a shop where you display your designs.

Creative Market is a community of 4 million members. There is no lock-in period, means you can quit any time you want if you don’t like which is very rare. You can set your own prices for the designs and earn up to 70 % margin.

5 Best Places To Earn Money With Your Design

Teespring – It is the best place to upload your designs on T-shirts, mugs and other items and earn money. You can sign up on Teespring with your email id and open a store with the unique name. You can upload one design on many products and set your own price.

Teespring takes a certain amount from the sale price which you can see when you set your budget. To sell your designs quick on Teespring, you can opt for their paid promotions too.

Skillshare – Started in November 2010, Skillshare is an online learning community where you can become a teacher and teach your skills to someone else. You can register as a teacher and start your class online. You can upload videos about making designs and engage with students.

This is a good place to share your skill and earn huge revenue online. Skillshare has many categories related to Creative Art and design, you can choose appropriate for yourself and start uploading your videos.

Zazzle – Started in 2005, Zazzle is an American online marketplace where you can put your designs on different products and can sell them individually. But, compared to other online marketplaces they offer more categories.

Zazzle is a free marketplace so anyone having a good design skill can register here and open a store to sell the designs. They charge a small royalty fee which you can see when you set the price for the products.

Envato – Started in 2006, Envato is the place for all designers, graphic artist, web designers and theme maker. Like Creative Market, here on Envato, you can sell Fonts, Logos, Icons, InfoGraphics, Web Templates, 3D Arts, Photos, and Vectors etc.

You can earn 25% from the sale price at Envato minimum and maximum 50% if you exclusively sell your designs at Envato. Envato checks each design so it is very hard to get all designs approved. It will if you are extremely good at what you do. So try your luck here too.

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