5 Best Email Subscriber Plugins You Can Try For Your Blog And Website

Are you into the business which requires lots of data collection or are you the one who wants to keep their website visitors regularly updated about the offers, new services, and information about the company? If yes, so you are in the right place. Here we are going to tell you the benefits of email subscriber plugin and 5 best email subscriber plugins for your websites.

What is Email Subscriber Plugin?

Email subscriber plugin is a plugin which allows you to collect email ids of the visitors on your website and blog. It is also like a newsletter plugin from which you can automatically send emails to your blog or website subscribers.

You can collect and store the data of visitors who are opting on your website to receive notifications about your products and blog posts. You can create attractive customize email templates and subscription Box by using email subscriber plugins on your blogs.

5 Best Email Subscriber Plugins You Can Try For Your Blog And Website

It is the best tool one should have if they want to keep their visitor’s data clean and secure. It is also a good tool for bloggers to keep their users engage with new content on the blogs and increase engagement rate on the blog.

But, there are more than 100 email subscribers plugins are available on the internet so which one is best and which one is good for your business or blog? Choosing a great plugin for your blog is not so hard, you can read their details and check reviews about the plugins online to decide which one you should add on your blog or website. You can try a few free plugins and then decide whether you want to stick to free or try the paid ones.

Have A Look At 5 Best Email Subscribe Plugins for Your Blog and Websites Here –

  • Aweber –

Aweber is a simple email marketing and subscribing plugin. To use Aweber, you don’t need any special HTML knowledge. You can simply create the web form for the website and use to collect emails of the visitors. By using Aweber, you can set automatic emails and can track results of each mailer. You can segregate the email data in different segments by depending upon the behaviour and other actions of the subscribers.

You can track click rates, email open rates etc in Aweber.

Apart from the above, Aweber also gives 24 hours support by phone and emails. They provide their own server to send emailers and has many educational kinds of stuff to create a successful campaign.

To try Aweber, you can go for their one-month free trial program and if you like their service so continue by paying $19 per month.

  • OptinMonster –

OptinMonster is a great lead generation and email subscribing plugin made by Syed Balki of Wpbeginner. OptionMonster is one of the plugins having best Pop-up Email subscription form designs. Like Aweber, here also you can create forms by using drag and drop functions, ready to use pop up box and customized emailer template designs.

With OptionMonster, you can create a sidebar box, floating box to collect leads on your websites. It is one of the highly convertible email subscription boxes. You can do individual page level targeting, analysis and A/B testing using OptionMonster. The subscription boxes created by OptionMonster are responsive to any device.

They offer 7 days free trial and after that, you can start with their basic package which cost $9/month.

  • HelloBar

HelloBar is a plugin which allows you to display messages and collect emails from your website or blog via one rectangular bar.

You can customize on which page you want to show the HelloBar and on which you don’t. It is a great tool to attract users with one line catchy messages and make them subscriber for the services. You can track each bar and analyze the response of each Hellobar by doing A/B testing.

HelloBar is free to use with their sign but you can choose their paid version to remove the name from it. It is a great plugin to increase the click-through rate of the blog or Website.

HelloBar is a great email subscribes plugin for WordPress.

  • Leadpages

Leadpages is an email subscriber plugin which lets you collect the email address but doesn’t allow you to send emails on regular basis or auto set up basis.

You can use the subscription box of Leadpages on the website and grow your email list. Ones you get the list of your choice, you can use other email sending software or emailer service like MailChimp, Getresponse, Send pulse etc and can send emailers to the list.

Using lead pages, you can create custom landing pages like Thank you page or contact pages.

You can try Leadpages 14 days trial package and later opt for their standard package which cost $25/Month.

  • IceGram

IceGram is powerful emails subscribe plugin which helps you to increase the conversion by giving the option to display 12 high converting message types that attract visitors. It also detects the abandoning visitors and gives you the option to make them attractive offers.

From pop-ups to overlay display subscription box, you can use all types of options and see which is performing well on your blog by analyzing the insights reports. Using IceGram, you can show users destination based messages.

To use IceGram, you don’t need Developer; you can use their readymade themes and upload subscription box and custom landing pages on your blog easily.

You can download IceGram extension and use them for free.

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