5 Best Data Recovery Apps – Check If You Want to Keep Your Data Secure

Sometimes in a hurry, while deleting too many documents we accidentally delete few important documents too and later when we need those documents then we realize that we actually deleted that image, video, document, SMS and chat details. What to do in this situation? If you are only looking to recover or find your latest deleted call and SMS details so you can check them via Google Map History. You can also get your deleted images and videos from Google account if you have stored them on your Google account.

But what if all these don’t work for you and you are unable to recover the deleted item? This time Data Recovery apps come to your rescue. Data recovery apps are very useful and easy to use. If you don’t do any changes in the system so there is 100% chance to get your deleted files back using Data Recovery Apps.

Check Out 5 Best Data Recovery Apps Which You Can Use To Recover Your Deleted Files.

1) EaseUs MobiSaver – It is one of the best data recovery app for Android and iOS phones. You can recover lost photos, contacts, videos, and other important folders by using EaseUs Mobisaver. ┬áThe best part o the app is you can try this for free for Android phones however for iPhone you will have to pay $19.95. EaseUs supports more than 6000 Android brands so you can try this on your phone to get the data back.

EaseUs MobiSaver can recover the data from internal memory and SD card. To use EaseUs MobiSaver, connect your device to the computer. Click on the scan if it doesn’t start automatically. Once scanning is done, you can see all the lost files on the main screen. Select a specific folder from the computer and save all the deleted documents.

5 Best Data Recovery Apps - Check If You Want to Keep Your Data Secure

2) DiskDigger – Sometimes we click so many pictures to get the one perfect and while deleting unnecessary images we delete few good photos from our phones. Apart from the phone, if you keep a back up on Google Photos so you can get those deleted photos but what if you don’t? In this situation, you can use DiskDigger – app to recover photos and videos. Using free account in DiskDigger, you can recover photos and videos but if you want to recover other documents so you will have to upgrade the account.

DiskDigger does two scans. One is basic and another is full scan. Using basic scan it will recover all the lost images from the folders where it doesn’t require root access. To do the full scan, you will have to root the device to provide full access to phone’s storage memory. It shows all the data in grid form and makes it easy to see all the documents in one screen. You can check which file you want to recover and save on your device.

3) GT Recovery – GT recovery is the most powerful and free data recovery app for the rooted android device. One can recover all types of documents such as images, SMS, contacts, files, Whatsapp history, Facebook messenger history, Call logs etc using this app. Using GT Recovery you can filter and recover images in large, medium and small sizes and any file with the large scan.

4) Dr.Fone Data Recovery App – Dr. Fone Toolkit is very popular among those who lost data and recovered using this. It is user-friendly and easy to use Android data recovery app. This app gives you an option of free data check and previews and supports all rooted and unrooted android devices. This app is useful to recover data in situations such as when your device is locked and you forgot the password, you lost data after factory restore when you are unable to synchronize back up.

To recover data using Dr. Fone follow the below procedure.

  • Connect smartphone or tablet to the computer device.
  • Select memory scan option
  • Click on start scan
  • Preview results and save the documents in the device.

5) Mini Tool Data App – It is also a free Android data recovery app which has all the functions like Dr.Fone. You can recover your all images, videos, and contacts using Mini Tool Data Recovery app. Though the app is free to use it has limitations. In the free version, you can only recover one file type and ten items at one time.

These are 5 best data recovery apps for Android and iPhone. You can check them and try by your own. If you know any cool data recovery apps like these, do comment on our comment box.

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