5 Best Alternatives of Showbox You Should Check

Founded in 1996, Showbox is one of the largest film distribution companies in South Korea. Showbox app is one of the most popular movies and TV show streaming app. With well-designed UI and bug-free, it has a huge variety to explore each day. Showbox offers an ad-free streaming experience which makes users come to the app again and again and also makes the first choice for most of the people who prefer watching movies on apps.

5 Best Alternatives of Showbox You Should Check

Showbox has some limitations and sometimes few users face issues to access the app but it can be easily resolved by uninstalling and then again installing the app. Showbox customer support team is also very helpful and solve the issue quickly. Still, if you feel, you should check for few better movie streaming apps so you can find a few best apps in this article.

Check Out 5 Best Alternatives of Showbox Here –

1) Movie Box – It is a similar app to Showbox, in fact, it has the same layout as Showbox. If you have used Showbox in the past so accessing movies on Movie Box will be easy for you. It has a good option to download videos as well. It doesn’t have many movies like Showbox but if you are ok with 720p, so you can explore more here.

Movie Box is available in all version and easily accessible on all devices such as iOS and Android.

2) Cinema Box – Cinema Box is also a great alternative to Show Box. You can watch all new movies and TV Shows in Cinema Box. Apart from watching movies and shows, you can download apps and wallpapers here. It is a good app if you like to listen to music as it has a good collection of all types of songs.

Cinema Box is also available for both iOS and Android devices. You don’t really have to work much to find new movies in Cinema Box as it shows all trending movies on the home screen itself.

3) Mega Box HD – Mega Box HD is popular for only streaming HD content but you can also see the low resolution with the slow internet connection. It has a wide range of movies to choose from but the only disadvantage is that this app is only available for Android devices and you will get lots of ads while streaming. The design and layout of this app are quite simple and easy to manage.

Mega Box HD also shows subtitles for a great experience. It has an option to download the movie and watch them later. This app is not available in Google Play Store but you can download this app by using the .apk file from the internet.

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4) Crackle – Crackle is basically named as Sony crackle as it is partnered with Sony Pictures USA. Sony Crackle shows free online movies and free TV shows with few commercial breaks but the awesome quality of streaming makes you ignore all the issues. It is a well-programmed app which has a great selection of movies and TV shows.

If you first want to see the brief about the show and movies so you can first watch the trailer and then decide whether to watch or not.

5) Movie HD – Movie HD is a great option if you are looking for new movies every time as it always adds a fresh list. It gives you option to watch videos in 360p, 720p, 1080p. Like Mega Box HD and other apps, it gives you the option to download and watch a movie later. As this app is not available in Google Play store so for the android phone you can download the .apk files and run your phone. It also has a great support of Google Chromecast.

The above 5 are the best alternatives to Showbox, but you can also see other movie streaming apps like NetFlix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime if you are looking for more.

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