4 Best Power Bank For Your Phone When You Are Traveling

Who doesn’t like traveling and visiting new places and not to forget clicking pictures at various scenic locations as well? But, suppose you are at a remote beautiful place and miss the moment to capture just because your phone battery is low, this time you realize the use and importance of power bank.

Power banks are very important and mostly at the times when you plan a trip to the mountains and villages where there is no proper electricity is available. Not only to click pictures but when you have some urgency and you have to call someone or have to check important emails power bank comes in use.

Like any other gadgets, you should pack one power bank in your traveling kit to make sure you always stay in touch with your close ones and don’t miss the chance to capture something good.

Not necessary all power banks are of good qualities, it is very important that you choose the one compatible with your mobile devices and also easy to carry on. If you are one travel blogger so power bank is the first thing you should check and put in your bag.

Check Out 4 Best Power Bank For Your Phone When You Are Traveling Here –

Anker PowerCore 26800 Portable Charger  – This charger has high capacity and the battery can last as long as for one week if you use properly. It takes around 2 hours to fully charge this power bank. It has 3 output and 2 input charging points. This charger is useful if you are carrying Macbook or other USB-C devices with a capacity of 30 watts.

The exterior of this is made of aluminum-alloy shell because of which it protects the charger from any damage. As this power bank has the huge capacity so you can use the energy to charge up to 7 iPhone at one time. It has 10 LED battery meter on the plus series which is an added advantage of this charger. This is one of the best chargers in the price range of $30 to $40 and you can buy directly from the Amazon or any other retailers online.

4 Best Power Bank For Your Phone When You Are Traveling

RAVPower 22000mAH Power Bank – This is also a good power bank and takes up to  6 hours to fully charge the battery. It offers  3 USB Outputs. This power bank is not too quick but charges all mobile devices faster compare to other phone device charges. The outer layer of the charger is made of ABS plastic which is equal to fire resistant thermoplastic alloy.

It has smooth touch but a little heavy in weight because of which you have to carry this in a bag while traveling. RAVPower 22000mAH is a high capacity charger in the affordable price range. You can buy this charger for $26 to $39 at Amazon depending on your location.

Mophie Juice Pack – It is a highly recommended lightweight wireless charger which makes it easy to carry in a pocket. As it has a good name in the market so it cost a little extra compared to others with similar features. But the price is worth it. Mophie Juice Pack is a perfect fit for iPhones as well. It has a smooth matte finish and made of black polycarbonate.

You can easily insert and remove the phone from it and its outer layout for volume and power buttons are made of plastic tabs. The speaker ports on this are on the front side which makes the volume level easy to listen. On the back side, you can see how much charging is left from the below 4 LEDs. It has micro cable charging points and it also supports wireless charging via the PMA and Qi Standards.

Goal Zero Flip 30 – It is a compact an small charger with 7800mAH and battery capacity of 28.1 Wh. It has 5 input (7.5 W max) and 5 output (10.5 W max) USB. It has a lithium battery and takes 5 hours to fully charge the battery and has 4 LED to show the battery status on one side above. From mobile phones to small electronic devices you can use Goal Zero Flip 30 to charge anything.

You can choose anyone from the above 4 Best Power Bank for your phone when you are traveling. Let us know if you have used any other power bank or any of these in the past and your opinion about them in the comment box.

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