3 Simple Methods To Move Contacts From iPhone to Android

Usually, most of the people come across many difficulties when they need to transfer their contact from their iPhone to Android devices, and especially when they aren’t aware of the methods to perform this task. Thus, this post is written for the purpose of bestowing a help to all those iPhone users who switched to Android and willing to transfer their existing contacts to their Android device. So, there’s no point to wait for more. Pick one method that suits you more to swiftly move your contacts from iPhone to Android.

3 Simple Methods To Move Contacts From iPhone to Android –

Method: 1 By Synchronize Your Contacts with Existing Google Account

Steps To Be Followed…

Step a) In order to use this method, first, you must have access to your Gmail Account. But, in case, you haven’t any Google account, the simple create it.

Step b) Now, open Setting on your iPhone, and then follow, (Mail, Contact, Calendars>> Add Account>> Gmail>> Tap to Contacts button.

Step c) Follow the popup, and move further to continue the process.

Step d) Once you are done with Step c), then select Yes when a popup message says, Sync with Google Account. That’s All!

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Above step will automatically update link your existing contacts to your Gmail account. It’s as simple as that! So, whenever you log in to Gmail account with your Android device, then you will get all your iPhone contacts on your brand new Android device.

Move Contacts From iPhone to Android

Method 2: By Synchronize Your Contacts Over iCloud

Steps To Be Followed…

Step a) To continue with this process, you need to register yourself on iCloud first.

Step b) This method is similar to Method 2. You simply need to follow Settings>> Mail, Contacts, Calendar>> Add Account>> iCloud>> Turn on Contacts button to merge your Contact with iCloud.

Step c) As soon as you are done with Step b), now, login to iCloud with your Apple ID, and then select Contact.

Step d) Now, select All>> Export vCard in order to transfer your contacts easily from iPhone to your Andriod device.

Step e) It’s time to login to your Gmail Account, and then follow Contacts>> More>> Import>> Select vCard File>> Save It. That’s All!

Method 3: By Using iPhone’s iTunes Feature  

Steps To Be Followed…

Step a) In case, you haven’t synchronized your contacts by using your Gmail Account, then there’s no need to worry at all. iPhone allow its users to transfer their contacts with its iTunes on their MAC or system. In order to continue with this process, you first need to connect your iPhone to your MAC or system according to your requirement.

Step b) Now, it’s time to sign in to iTunes with your account.

Step c) After successful login simply click on iPhone option that’s made available on the top right corner.

Step d) Click on Sync Contacts, after opening information section.

Step e) From the Dropdown Menu, scroll down to Google Contacts.

Step f) After synchronization, it’s time to log in to your brand new Android with same iTunes to save your contacts to your Android device. That’s All!

So, these are three simplest methods that iPhone users can use to transfer their contacts easily to Android device. Pick the one that suits best with your needs.

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