10 Cool Apps To Make A Good Picture For Your Instagram Account

One picture is equal to a thousand words. Yes, it is correct and the proof is Facebook and Instagram accounts of travel bloggers, fashion bloggers, food bloggers and many. The images which they upload in their accounts are considered as the self-explanatory images. Many times they don’t need to write a story behind that because their followers and fans understand the motto behind the image by looking at the image itself.

Instagram is considered the most popular photo sharing platform. In a day millions of people upload, share and download images from Instagram. Many comments about the picture on the Instagram account. Not all comments which one gets are positive. If the image is not good, so no one can stop a negative comment on it. You can only remove the picture or comment from your account. If you are a blogger or any popular celeb so you definitely want to avoid such type of situations in real. To do this it is just that you upload a picture worth a million dollars.

Best Apps To Get Good Picture For Your Instagram Account

It’s not necessary that everyone knows how to use DSLR or how to make a professional photo using the phone camera and unfortunately, Instagram photo editing tool doesn’t have many options to make a wow picture. If you are not a professional but on a mission to make a popular Instagram Account so you have to try a few photo editing apps available for Android and IOS phones to achieve your goals.

Have A Look At 10 Cool Apps To Make A Good Picture For Your Instagram Account Here –

Paint Paper Studio –  This app is extremely helpful when it comes to adding hand-drawn sketches. By using this app you can add typography and scripts to the images. You can also print the image using this app and share the images on social accounts like Instagram and Facebook.

InstaQuote – Using this app, you can add beautiful text on the images or can create amazing text images. You can change the design, size, and color of each text in the image. You can also add a beautiful caption on the images and share them on Instagram.

Snapseed – It is a free app available for both Android and iOS devices. This is a free app which has professional photo editing features. This app gives you an option to make your selfie attractive and enhance the picture. You can also remove the other things and people face from your images. You can also apply digital filters by using this app. This app has an automatic adjustment feature which makes your job easier.

Pixelmator – It is an award-winning iPhone app and also a great alternative to adobe photoshop. It has advanced image editing features like brushes, layers, digital effects and more. Pixelmator is not a free app, to use this you have to pay $4.99 for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and $29.99 for Mac.

Mextures – Like Pixelmator, this app is only available for iOS devices. This is not a free app but the price which one has to pay is totally worth it. For $1.99, this app gives you 150 textures and 30 photo editing presets. It is the great choice for people who quickly want to apply filters and upload pictures on Instagram.

WordSwag – This is one cool app you can have if you want to add text to your photos in seconds. This app is available for both Android and iOS devices. Using this app, you can create beautiful custom layouts in seconds. Wordswag also has more than 100 quotes in the build so you can add them too in your images if you want. This app has all the functions which you expect from a professional graphic designer.

10 Cool Apps To Make A Good Picture For Your Instagram Account

Perfect365 –  Perfect365 is a cool virtual beauty app which gives you options to style your image using makeup option. This app has more than 20 makeup and beauty tools including features like lipstick, shadow, liners etc. You can choose the custom looks from 200 preset hot looks and make your selfie more attractive with this app. This app is available for both Android and iOS. Apart from all, Perfect 365 app gives daily fashion and makeup tips to all its subscribers.

Over – This is a good app one can have if they want to add caption on images, change the fonts, experiment with filters. This is an easy app to make Facebook wallpapers, logos, Instagram banners, birthday cards and images for album. This app has more than 4000 editable templates and millions of free stock images to use for everyone.

Font Candy – It is one of the best typography apps.  Using this app, you can add quotes, artwork, colors and multiple filters in one image. This app offers handpicked fonts and inbuilt quotes and artworks. You can also add watermarks to your images. You can directly share your images on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Lenka – This is a great app to create black and white images. This app has a simple interface and allows you to make clear images using its powerful features. This app automatic as well as manual focus option and gives you option to adjust exposure, contrast and color temperature.

Above 10 apps are the best photo editing apps if you want to make a great image for your Instagram. If you know more good apps like them so you can comment in the box below the post.

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