10 Best Alternatives To Skype To Make Free Calls

There was a time when people used to do international video calls via Skype only but now there are many more options are available to make video calls outside the country and inside too.

To make calls via skype now you have to create a Microsoft account if you don’t want to use your phone number but the others are allowing you to make an account with Gmail, Yahoo or any other social media login. So it is very easy to make an account and do the call.

Here are the 10 Best alternatives to Skype you should check to make a video call.

1)    Google Hangout

Google Hangout is the product of Google. With this, you can do a video call, chat, text messages etc with your friends, family, and colleagues.  But to do this, you need a Gmail account. You can create a free Gmail account and use Google hangout feature to make a video call.  You can also do live hangout for free and can upload the videos live on YouTube. To use Google Hangout, you don’t have to install any app or any software, it’s just you have to go – https://hangouts.google.com link and so sign in via Gmail account.

With Google Hangout, you can do free voice call via Android, iOS phones by downloading hangout dialer from play store and can use emojis, pictures, and maps in your chat.

10 best Alternatives To Skype To Make Free Calls

2)    Whatsapp

Like Google Hangout and Skype, Whatsapp also offers free audio and video calls to everyone. You only have to use your data to make the calls. You don’t need to create an account with Gmail or any other email service provider as you can make calls using your phone numbers. With WhatsApp, you can do text chats, voice calls, video calls and send media files etc.

3)    Facebook Messenger

To make a call from Facebook, you need a facebook account and updated version of Facebook.  You also have to install messenger app on your phone to avoid the bad quality calls. If you don’t want to install the app so you can make calls from the computer by log in your FB account.

4)    Viber

Started as a mobile app, now you can do video calls via Viber too. Viber is free of all ads and also allows you to contact via landline no. by paying a little fee.  Viber offers free text and calls via mobile and desktop both and you can say it is one of the best alternatives to Skype. Viber is also good to make group calls.

5)    IMO

IMO is one such free app where you don’t need an internet connection to be in touch with your friends and family.  You can send text messages without the internet but when you have to call somebody you need internet. Via IMO, you can send various emojis, pictures to any of your contact instantly.

6)    Talky

Talky is a web browser based chat application, you can do a chat with 15 participate in this on one time.  Talky is best used when you are using with office employees. You can share screens, create a chat room and make discussion with all in one time.

7)    WeChat

WeChat is popular Chinese messaging app which is used by all people worldwide. You can create an account on WeChat via Facebook and mobile and can share text, images with your contact. It is a basic social networking tool that allows you to connect and share things with your friends.

You can do voice calls, stickers sharing and play games too on WeChat. You can use multiple languages in WeChat. If you keep your mobile location on, so nearby people who have WeChat on their phone can see your moments.

8)    ooVoo

ooVoo is a video and voice calling app which you can install in IOS and Android both.  You can also use ooVoo on Desktop and Mac and can chat with 12 people.  There is a good privacy option available at ooVoo i.e. you make your profile visible to Anybody or Nobody. You can also do a video call with four people here on one screen. There is no location setting problem with ooVoo too.

9)    Facetime

Facetime is a good alternative of Skype but the bad part of it is that you can only use Facetime with IOS device.  You can make free audio calls using Facetime Audio option.

10)    Line

Line is a good alternative to Skype and an app which offers free VoIP calls. It is also the best alternative to Whatsapp in many Asian countries.  You can do free audio calls using Line but no video calls. Making an account with Line is very easy. You can use your mobile number and get one account to use the free facilities.

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