How To Setup Chromecast On PC And Get High Quality Videos

The Chromecast is that portal which allows you to connect TV to the computer to allow you to see online content on the television. This is the streaming device by Google which facilitates connecting computer or mobile device with the TV.

The main question that arises here is how to set up chromecast on PC. There are various steps you need to follow to set up Chromecast.

How To Setup Chromecast on PC

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Step 1 – Plug The Chromecast Into the Television

This step seems to be easy but if not done properly, the chromecast will not work properly. The Chromecast must be properly plugged into HDMI port and the power cable should be plugged into the USB port. If there is the lack of universal bus port, you may use the adapter and plug into the outlet wall. Put on the TV while choosing a suitable input.

Step 2 – Connect Your PC to The Wi-Fi

To connect to the Wi-Fi, you need Chromecast and a working TV. Use the same Wi-Fi network in order to connect a computer. When you start the PC, make sure it is connected to Wi-Fi as you will need the internet connection to stream the videos.

Step 3 – Move To the SetUp Site

The television must direct you to setup Chromecast option. Get the application and simply follow the instruction. You need to download the app and just set it up on your PC.

Step 4 – Start It!

After you download the application, it will automatically run and if the application fails to run, you can just double-click on Chromecast and access it.

Try and navigate to the drive where the app is installed. The coding must be done in a proper manner. Your TV and PC will show you random codes that must match.

After you tally the code, enter the Wi-Fi credentials and while on the PC enter Wi-Fi password. If the name is not indicated, you can enter that again. You can also name the Chromecast if you want.

Step 5 – Attaining The Extension

To get the extension, you may click the link which you get on the pc. This way, you may broadcast the PC content into the TV. It is made possible by Chromecast app. To proceed through the process, you need to access Google Chrome. After the installation is completed, you will get an alert.

How To Cast High-Quality Video For Getting Best Results?

You will find a special option whereby websites like YouTube may be directly cast to the Chromecast. This may be done over a number of services like YouTube and NetFlix. The process is same as the way you cast using a mobile device.

When you cast from NetFlix, you may control playback with the help of a computer. The actual video will be shown on the TV rather than being mirrored. As the video is steaming from the router to the ChromeCast, there will be no quality issues in the video.

What To Expect From The Chromecast Options?

All the options you notice on the Chromecast are simple and easy to understand. You may choose the casting tabs on your own.

If you are experiencing problems with video quality, you may adjust the mode to lower bitrate. This will help you enjoy better streaming and have a great impact on the quality of the video.

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