How To Recover Deleted Photos From Android and iPhone Easily

How To Recover Deleted Photos From Android and iPhone Easily

Most of us are very fond of clicking pictures everyday. it can be selfie, group pictures, travel photos, scenery pic anything. We click and then after sometime we forget to delete the unwanted pictures. To get the better photos we click one picture for 10 ten times and in this way we make a large database of images in our phones.

Later when we get low space message then we realize that there are many pictures in the phone which is unnecessary and we have to delete. In hurry and in the process of deleting the images, sometimes we delete the good images too.

Are you the one who accidentally deleted photos from iPhone or Android phone and wishing to recover them quickly? You may have deleted that perfect picture you finally clicked while deleting other unnecessary photos. But, never mind! There are ways to recovering the lost and deleted photos.

How To Recover Deleted Photos From Android and iPhone Easily

When it comes to Apple devices, photo recovery is now made easier with iOS8, but when you want to recover photos from your memory card or Android phone, you need the help of the third-party application.

Do not use your device till you have recovered your photos. If you delete certain photos on your Android phone, they are not actually deleted. You can recover them.

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Steps To Recover Deleted Photos On The iPhone Device

  • Check your Photos App on the phone and move to the albums.
  • Move to the bottom, scroll it and tap on ‘Recently Deleted’.
  • In the recently deleted folder, you will find all those photos you have deleted in the last one month. Tap over the photos you want to recover and just press ‘Recover’.

Steps To Recover Deleted Photos On An Android Device

If you have deleted the photos and data accidentally but want to recover them, you may access Play store to find the data recovery apps. Experiment with the apps to find which ones work in the best manner.

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DiskDigger is one such app which can help you to recover the lost data swiftly. You may download DiskDigger from the play store and just install. DiskDigger is one such powerful data recovery app which is going to scan the device to find the location of deleted photos.

To use this app, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Access the Google play store, find DiskDigger App and download. Install the app on your device.
  • You may open up DiskDigger app and press ‘refresh’ in order to populate your screen. After your screen is populated, you may choose the option ‘System’ folder.
  • After you tap in ‘Scan Device’, the screen will be full of data and photos that were deleted recently. You will find the photo which you deleted by mistake. Just select the photo and hit the option ‘save’.
  • After you select the option ‘Save’, the app will be asking you where you want to store the photo. Choose the destination and the photo will be recovered to the SD card.

Simple Steps To Recover Photos On Android

There are various ways of recovering the lost photos from the Android phone. Another popular way or worth considering technique is given below:

  • Click ‘PhoneRescue’— ‘Android Data Recovery
  • Connect the phone to the computer
  • Choose ‘Photos’ for the scan
  • Click ‘Next’ to confirm.

If the device is being rooted in you deeply, you will get the scan option immediately. In any case, PhoneRescue will certainly root the device which may take a few minutes. After this, choose the images you need to restore.

There are a number of apps you may get from PlayStore to recover the lost photos. PhoneRescue is one of the best ways of recovering the photos. Launching PhoneRescue and following the steps mentioned in the above section may recover all the images you want back.

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