How To Increase Internet Speed On Android Phones and PC

Today, we access the internet from Android devices, computers and tablets. We need internet all the time to check emails, to do shopping online, to play games online, to watch movies online on 123 movies proxy sites, to access social accounts and for various other reasons. Whether you are a student or a business person, high-speed internet is the need for everyone today. High speed Wi-Fi and internet on the phone is always on the priority list of every person and why not the way world is changing and becoming digital one should have to. We can not compromise with low speed internet especially when you are into online business like Digital Marketing Agency or full time Blogging etc.

Not only people from online business but people from offline business also need high speed internet to check emails and reply to their clients on priority basis, to bid on auctions, to check the status of their shipment and orders etc.

How To Increase Internet Speed On Android Phones and PC

There was a time when 2G gave fairly good speed but now is the era of 4G whereby the user enjoys the amazingly fast internet. There can be network issues, bad signal strength or congestion leading to slow internet speed. No mobile company guarantees that you will get a good speed if you choose a particular plan.

To increase the speed of internet on your PC and mobile devices, you may follow the tips stated in this section.

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How To Increase The Internet Speed On Android Devices?

  • It is important to clear off cache after you use the phone. This will definitely increase the internet speed. When the cache memory is full or overloaded, it will slow the internet speed. To enjoy a fast browsing experience, clear the cache.
  • The speed of the phone may be worsened with a lot many useless apps. You must uninstall the apps in order to boost the device’s speed. you can use junk cleaning apps to remove the unnecessary data from the phone.
  • You may enable or activate ‘maximum loading data’ to increase the internet speed. In the wireless and network setting, you will find the option of GPRS transfer. We usually choose ‘Call Prefer’ but we must opt for ‘Data Prefer’ to increase the speed.
  • When it comes to the network connection, you must switch to 4G. It is much higher than 2G and 3G. Buy a 4G pack to get a good internet speed. To do so, you may access mobile setting where you will find wireless settings. You may change that to Network.
  • Disable images and enable text mode if you do not need to browse through images. This will have a fabulous impact on the speed of the internet speed. If you are using chrome browser on your Android phone, you can use the option ‘Text Mode Browser Extension’.
  • For the Android device, you may choose a browser which is fast. When it comes to internet speed, browser plays an important role. You may choose UC Brower, Opera Mini, Chrome if you want a fast internet on your Android device.
  • Android apps can be used to boost the internet speed. There are a lot many apps available in the play store to boost the speed of the internet.

How To Increase The Internet Speed On the PC?

The ways of increasing internet speed on the PC is almost the same as that of Android phone. You need to find a browser which is fastest.

The DNS server which you choose must be fastest. Secondly, optimize or improve the Window settings. Learn about the under performing window settings and do not use it.

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Thirdly, you already know that data is transferred all across the internet via the data packet. You may adjust the size of data packet.

Whether you are using Android phone or PC, it is important to change the settings. The setting must be such that it gives a fast computing experience.

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