How To Delete Photos From iPhone Using Mac, iOs And IExplorer

iPhone being one of the most expensive devices in cell phone category comes with its own super cool advantages like the camera of iPhone and other photo editing apps which you don’t get on any other phone. The camera clarity and its functions are amazing compared with other phones in the similar price range.

If you have iPhone, it’s sure that you are addicted to the camera and must have clicked thousands of photos. Many of them must be selfies and trial photos which are unnecessary eating up space of the device and making the phone functionality slow.

How To Delete Photos from iPhone Using Mac Windows And iExplorer

If you are the one who wants to delete your junk photos from iPhone in one go but doesn’t know how to proceed then you should read this post here.

There are three ways to delete unwanted pictures from the phone easily. One of the easiest ways to delete photos from iPhone is using Mac. Deleting photos from mac is a child’s play. You really don’t have to be a tech geek to do this.

How To Delete All Photos From iPhone Using Mac –

If you are using a mac, just follow the below steps and delete all the photos from iPhone.

  • Connect the phone to cable wire.
  • Go to the application folder.
  • Click on Image Capture option. Once you click on image capture, a window will come on the screen. You can see all the pictures of yours here.
  • Press CTRL+A on the keyboard to delete all the photos
  • Select all images.
  • Press delete button and it’s done.

If you don’t want to delete all the images but few individual images, so select image manually and press delete.

How To Delete Photos From iPhone Using iOS –

The second option is using an iOS device. You can delete all the photos using iOS updated version. Follow the below procedure and delete all the unwanted pics from the phone.

To delete all the photos from the iPhone –

  • Click on setting option
  • Click on general and then click the reset button.
  • Click on Erase All Content and Settings and delete all the pictures.

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In this way, you can delete all the photos but if you want to delete few images only then this option is not suitable for you. To delete individual images you have to go to the Moments section of the Photo App and have to select the image date and year wise. Once selected click on trash and delete all the images. You can also download photo apps like Purrge to delete the pictures.

How To Permanently Delete Photos From iPhone Using Windows And iExplorer –

Third and the last option to delete the photo from iPhone is using your pc or you can say windows. To delete the photos using windows, you have to download iExplorer. Remember if you delete photos using iExplorer, you won’t be able to recover them.

Follow the below procedure to delete all the photos from iPhone using iExplorer.

  • Close all the running apps on the phone.
  • Go to media folder – upper left side in iExplorer.
  • Open the DCIM folder
  • Open the subfolder which has your camera roll photos.
  • Right-click on the subfolder
  • Click Delete button.

It is always good to make your phone free from the junk files and to speed up the speed of your phone.

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