How To Buy Ripple XRP In India And Make Money

Like any other digital currency, XRP is also a digital currency. XRP is getting a lot of attraction from Indian Investors & individuals now because recently SBI holdings, a financial firm in Asia added XRP. Being a centralized cryptocurrency with a clear background it is not risky to invest in XRP.

XRP is the fastest growing digital asset of Ripple Network.  Ripple acts as a payment network for the banks and other intuitions and manages money transaction at high levels.

How to Buy XRP Ripple in India & Make Money Online

XRP has started with less than $0.50 and now have crossed $1 benchmark. The below graph shows how this digital currency is gaining momentum day by day and attracting people towards to invest in it.

XRP graph

After the rise in Bitcoin value and the increasing no. of accounts in the bitcoin exchanges, it shows that the cryptocurrencies are here to stay a long time.

If you also want to make money by investing in Ripple XRP, so check out how to buy ripple in India below.

XRP is the new form of cryptocurrency; it is not available at major Indian digital currency platform like Zebpay, Coinmama etc. But, it is available on few exchanges like Koinex, Btcxindia, and Coindelta.

As per the recent post at Zebpay, they have cleared that very soon they will add more cryptocurrencies like XRP, Litecoin, Ethrum to their app but if you wait till now you are going to miss the low price advantage.

Check out How To Buy Ripple XRP in India and Make Money Online.

How to Buy Ripple XRP at Konix.

Konix is India’s first exchange which has multi cryptocurrencies on the platform. Based in Mumbai, Koinex has a strong team of IIT guys behind it.

How to Buy XRP Ripple at Konix

To buy XRP at Koinex, follow the below procedure.

  • Go to
  • Click on sign up.
  • Fill all the details.
  • Click on sign up.
  • Verify your email id.
  • Activate your verification via Google Authenticator App.
  • Activate your Email and SMS authentication.
  • Go to KYC section and upload your Pan card, Aadhar card.
  • Upload your bank details.
  • Once approved, buy XRP from the Koinex.

How To Buy Ripple XRP at Coindelta

Coindelta is also a secure and advanced exchange based in Pune. You can buy all types of cryptocurrencies here too.

To buy XRP at Coindelta, follow the below steps.

How to Buy XRP Ripple at Coindelta - Step by Step guide

  • Click on Login button, one popup will come.
  • Click on Sign up button at the bottom
  • Fill all the Details.
  • Verify your account by clicking on the link received via email
  • Upload your Pan Card, Aadhar Card & Bank Statement front Page
  • Wait for KYC approval.
  • Once approved, you can buy XRP from Coindelta.

To Buy XRP in Coindelta in India–

  • Go to My Wallet
  • Click on Deposit in front of INR
  • Put money more than 100 Rs.
  • Choose payment Method – Netbanking or Payment Getaway
  • Make the payment
  • Now Go to Market
  • Click on XRP
  • Go extreme down
  • Put value in front of XRP
  • Put amount
  • Click on Submit
  • You will get the message in green on the right side.
  • Go check your trade history

This way, you can easily buy XRP in India and make money online.

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