How To Boost Wi-Fi Speed - In 5 Simple Steps

How To Boost Wi-Fi Speed In Learn In (5 Steps)

In the realm of the internet, Wi-Fi is the most important development. No one likes to access the internet through a PC but one wishes to go wireless. Wi-Fi is reliable, convenient and faster. But, bad reception may lead to less speed. A slow speed Wi-Fi is the last thing which today’s generation wants. Everybody ask for high speed Wi-Fi with good connectivity and higher data.

Bad Wi-Fi speed causes a lot of hindrance to work and frustration to the one using the internet. You may follow important steps to boost Wi-Fi speed.

How To Boost Wi-Fi Speed - In 5 Simple Steps

Understanding What Is Wi-Fi

A Wi-Fi network actually refers to the computer network where the devices connected sends or receive information through the radio signals. Wi-Fi network is also termed as a wireless network which connects Laptop and other devices to the internet.

If you have a desktop computer, you can connect that to the wireless internet if you have adapter or router. The transfer speed of data relies on the very strength of the radio signal that the device receives through the wireless router. To boost the internet speed or Wi-Fi speed, one can boost Wi-Fi signal strength.

Check Out 5 Simple Steps to Boost Wi-Fi Speed –

Step 1- Get Rid Of Obstructions In Between The Device And Wi-Fi

It may happen that there is some obstruction between your desktop computer and the Wi-Fi router. Make sure the obstruction is removed. Certain things that cause obstructions are furniture, walls, metallic objects. If such things come in between, the speed of Wi-Fi internet will reduce.

Step 2- Elevate The Wi-Fi Router

Elevating Wi-Fi router may boost the signal strength. You may place the router on the desk or the table.

Step 3 – Update The Driver Software For The Adapter

This is an important step you need to consider. The driver software of the wireless adapter needs to be updated. This may be done by following the below step:

Click ‘Start’ and right click ‘computer’. Then click ‘Manage’- ‘Device Manager’ and Double Click ‘Network Adapters’. Just right-click on ‘Wireless Adapter’ – ‘properties’ – ‘Driver’ —‘Update Driver. By doing so, you will be easily updating the driver.

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Step 4- Configuring Wireless Adapter Setting

It is easy to configure wireless adapter setting. Follow the step below:

Click on ‘Start’ and then right click over ‘Computer’. Click ‘Manage’— ‘Device Manager’ and double click ‘Network adapters’. Right-click ‘Wireless Adapter’— ‘Properties’—‘Advanced Tab’ – ‘Transmit power’  and just change drop down value to the ‘Highest’. Choose the option ‘Roaming Aggressiveness’. You may change the mode to ‘Highest’.

Step 5 – Extending The Signal Range

You may extend the signal range by using the wireless repeater. A wireless repeater is actually that device which takes the wireless signal and then sends that signal back with a renewed strength. To boost Wi-Fi speed, place the repeater between the computer and router.

Other tips for boosting Wi-Fi speed

  • Find the spot which is perfect for Wi-Fi router
  • Find out which is the right wireless channel
  • Make sure other appliances are not interfering with Wi-Fi speed
  • Do away with Wi-Fi thieves by enhancing the level of security
  • Turn your old router into Wi-Fi Repeater.

By following the steps mentioned in the above section, you will boost Wi-Fi speed.

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