How Artificial Intelligence Is Becoming The Next IOT?

Artificial Intelligence or AI as we all know is becoming the next big thing on the internet. Internet of things or IoT refers to all the devices and software that are connected to the internet for their functioning. Since AI also required internet connectivity for its proper operation, hence it might be the next big IoT.

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

As science fiction movies portray AI to be robots with human-like characters, in reality, this is not true. Here, in reality, Artificial Intelligence is actually a program running on a machine, a program that has the ability to operate on its own.

From Apple’s SIRI to Google assistant or self-driving cars all are highly sophisticated AI and they are progressing rapidly every day.

How Artificial Intelligence Is Becoming The Next Iot

The Types of Artificial Intelligence

Nowadays the AI generally used is narrow AI which has been designed to perform a narrow spectrum of jobs, like facial recognition, internet searching etc.

Researchers are looking forward to developing strong AI. General AI is also known as AGI. As the narrow AI can outrun humans in their respective tasks, the AGI can outperform humans in almost every cognitive tasks.

Why Research On Artificial Intelligence Safety?

Artificial Intelligence has been implemented in various aspects of the society and researchers have got fruitful results. Due to this, they are now planning to look forward into designing a smarter AI that can help eradicate poverty, diseases etc.

In the short term basis, researchers are aiming to deplete any weapon-related race dealing with lethal autonomous weapons. The long-term question which arises in this aspect is can this development of AI ever surpass human intelligence and rule every field.

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As pointed out by many reputed scientists, that development of AGI can surpass humans in every aspect. Since smarter AI are able to self-improve, hence they can lead to an intelligence explosion leaving humans far behind in the race.

What Can Be The Risk Factors In Artificial Intelligence Development?

Since AI is devoid of human emotions like love or hate, hence their benevolence or malevolence depends upon their usage and application.

Those autonomous weapons which are programmed with AI are designed for mass destruction. Of this falls in the hand of wrong people then it might fetch a global war.

Also, these machines and AI are critical to design, so it might not be simple enough to just turn off them in times of need.

It is safe to know that we design Artificial intelligence for our benefit but this AI might choose a destructive path to achieve that benefit. This can only occur when there is no alignment between our goal and the AI goals. As AI might be able to self-improve, it is not long ahead in the future that things will run out of hand.

How Has AI Been Spreading In The IoT?

Artificial intelligence is connected to the servers and global satellites which make them perform smooth. Nowadays every smartphone, car, Tv etc come with an AI.

These devices are somehow connected to a server and thus are in the category of IoT. Since AI use is increasing rapidly every other day, hence it is gaining a permanent place in the IoT.

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