7 Features That Should Be Updated On An Android Wear

Everyone needs some things to make their life a little bit more interesting. Android wear which was launched in the market on 18th March 2014, to make your life little bit interesting. Android Wear, an edition of Google’s Android OS intended for wearable and smartwatches. There are many features in this smartwatch which can attract you easily. It will help to make your life simple and classy from the previous. It integrates the Google assistant tools and your Smartphone notification into the android wear form factor.

Here are the lists of some features that android wear should have to make your daily life a more interesting one: –

Google map view

It has a feature of Google map view. You can get every navigation matter in your android wear with co-operation of your mobile phone. It only shows the basic information about the map. Everyone who wears a smartwatch would like to have a small map on their smartwatch so they can view a map on their wristwatch. This could be very beneficial to the ones who wear a smartwatch to navigate their destination. Showing up the nearby location is very useful to get the location without any difficulty.

Features That Should Be Updated On An Android Wear

Find your lost phone

If your phone got lost, you need someone else phone to ring up on your smartphone to find it. So an additional feature should be added to your smartwatch called my phone’s location. It can be done by reporting Bluetooth signal strength between the mobile phone and the smartwatch. Nothing complicated, but a smart tool that could be added to the settings menu on your smartwatch.

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Universal reply

If you want to give a reply to your messages on your smartwatch, you have to speak to the wrist watches which can look like a detective. A little reply can be added to the smartwatches with which people can read the text and reply to the text. This is why smartwatches need a universal reply feature. People can reply the text messages using their as they can reply in their smartphones.

Cellular connectivity

Some of the smartwatches already have their cellular connectivity as they support their own Sim card, but many models don’t have a cellular connectivity feature. This will help the smartwatch’s dependence on smartphones as well as the app’s functions more independently.

Longer battery life

Battery life of most smartwatches has been a major issue among the users. Maximum smartwatches are which are even popular are coming with a battery life of a day or 2 days span life. Unlike some watches like Pebble have smartwatches coming with 6-7 days battery life.  Many reputed companies having a smartwatch need to increase their battery life like Pebble’s smartwatches.

Remote sensor

Every smartwatch user might not have this feature on her/his wish lists. The remote sensor in android wear can surely be a beneficial feature for many users. With the help of, this feature a smartwatch user can use their watches as a TV remote. Having this feature on your android wear will help you to switch on/off the AC and TV even in the absence of your remote.

Notifying the sport scores

In smartwatches, if you give a search of sports score that is going on, it will give you the basic website links. Having a vibration in your wrist watches for every single goal would be an awesome experience for you.

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